Whirlpool corporation

The Whirlpool vision is to create the world’s best home appliances that make life a little easier and enjoyable for all people. Their goal is a Whirlpool product in every home, everywhere. They will achieve this by creating a performance results that excite and reward global investors with superior returns. Whirlpool strategy to shape and lead the emerging global home appliance industry is working because the company consistently improves the quality of its products and services by using new technologies and refining its understanding of customers and what they want from Whirlpool. As a result, the company’s total return to shareholders including share price appreciation and reinvested dividends has averaged 6.3 percent over the past five years.

Whirlpool’s technology and procurement operations are organised to take advantage of the company’s considerable technical resources around the world. The cross-regional design of the technology organisation allows it to integrate best practices in product creation, technology development, manufacturing processes.

Corporate Technology and Engineering Development manages strategic products and technology capabilities and provides technical transfer to Whirlpool business units. Technology development is managed in Benton Harbor and cassinetta and transfer of best practices occurs across all product lines and regions. New product ideas are developed by studying consumer behaviour and analysing new technologies for impact on consumers.

Global Technology Centers share technical expertise and capabilities from the regions to develop products that meet consumers’ needs. The new product designs target global as well as specific consumer needs in different parts of the world.

Global procurement develops and manages the company’s strategy for cost-effective purchasing. This includes the buying strategy of materials, components and finished products for all Whirlpool’s production facilities globally. A central buying group orders all finished products, commodities sourced on a regional or global basis, and standardised parts and components. Most other parts and materials acquired from suppliers located near the production facilities where they will be used.

Microwave ovens and air control products such as air conditioners and dehumidifiers have become such global products that Whirlpool has established two novel product-oriented business units to support them. These business units are responsible for product planning, development, manufacturing and physical distribution on a global basis.

The Global Microwave Ovens Business unit manages microwave oven production and development activities for Whirlpool on global basis with manufacturing and product development facilities in Norrkoping, Sweden and China. Today, Whirlpool is one of the top five microwave oven producers in the world.

The Global air treatment Business Unit is responsible for development and manufacturing of air control products, including air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Established in 1995, this business unit offers bright prospects for steady growth through global cooperation.

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