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Raymond Carver's "Neighbors" In Raymond Carver's "Neighbors" the speaker's attention seems to be more directed on the Bill and Arlene Miller. The Millers are a married couple who were once a happy couple but as the years went along they felt grew apart. It seems as though they are too busy comparing their lives to the Harriet and Jim Stone, which are their neighbors, that they don't have time to fix their marriage. The Stones do what married people should do and that's "go out for dinner, or entertaining at home, or traveling about the country somewhere..(70)." The Millers are given the responsibility of looking after the Stones apartment for ten days, while they are on a pleasure trip. During these ten days they have to feed their Kitty, and water the plants.

Because of this particular event the Millers, who seemed normal at first, began to act odd. Bill would go in the apartment, feed the cat, water the plant, and stay in the apartment for hours. The first occasion he found a container of pills in the medicine chest labeling "-Harriet Stone. One each day as directed (70)." He took it and put it in his pocket. When I read that I asked myself, 'why would he need a woman's prescription?' Then he drank some liquor and went across the hall to his wife

He played with her breast and asked her to come to bed. For some reason Bill started to act differently ever since he went to the Stone's apartment. The longer he stayed in the apartment the more his sex drive would go up. He would come home early from work or even not go. "In the morning he had Arlene call in for him (71)." The story didn't really focus on what his wife would do when she went to the Stones apartment but she herself liked going in there.

Something unusual happened when Bill went to the Stones apartment one day. "He rummaged through the top drawers until he found a pair of panties and a brassiere. He stepped in the panties and fastened the brassiere, then look through the closet for an outfit(72)." At the end of the story Arlene stated "I just remembered. I really and truly forgot to do what I went over there to do. I didn't feed the cat of do any watering (73)." This gives out that she was doing something else in the apartment other than what she should be doing. Come to find out she was looking at some mystery pictures, but Bill couldn't see the pictures cause she locked the keys in the apartment.

Hence, as the story processed the couple became more wanting to each other even if it was in an odd way.

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