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To many people this Civil war meant many things. To one it may mean we are fighting for a good cause, the cause of freedom for all people of every race and ethnic back ground. To some it may mean we are fighting to keep things in order, the way we intend for them to be. But to me it was a War that meant we are fighting for a great cause freedom. Something that everyone should have and will have for the rest of our human existence. "The Picture of the Civil War was..a discussion about something higher: about humanity, about human dignity, about human freedom." Barbara fields said that. Most people would agree with her.

The civil war was and still is about the freedom for all people to be free. Thousands of men fought for years of their lives for this freedom, which is still not quite achieved. But by them fighting for this we are a step closer to where we want to be. To this very day we are still fighting for our freedom. Weather it's the freedom to express our selves or the freedom to be who we chose to be with out having someone telling us we can not do so

As long as man is here on this Earth we will always be fighting for some kind of freedom. Currently America is helping another country fight for their freedom. Although it is not quite the same as it was during the Civil War. But in many ways it is the same. There are countless young men in Iraq fighting on a daily basis to help a poor country take back their voice against a cruel man and his fellow followers. Slowly, with time, their freedom will be achieved. But just as the Civil war it will take a long time and possibly many years. It is hard to gain freedom, especially when a country has been under control of a ruthless man for many years.

There are a lot of obstacles that have to be overcame but with help and determination this will be achieved. I have a friend who believes that every man and woman should be allowed their freedom and rights no matter what color skin, eyes or hair they may have. One should no be judged by their appearance but by what one believes in and does. For instance years ago you could have been thought of as a great person because you are white and not black. But just because the color of your skin is white and pure doesn't mean that deep down you are as pure as you may seem. You could be a cold hearted, careless person.

But some may look past that because you are white and you can do no wrong no matter what. My friend believes this is morally wrong. That is not how one should act. In conclusion the Civil War was and always will be an important historical event in our history. We fought for something we believed in, and with determination we achieved what we believe is the perfect society; Where one is no judged by the way they look but by what is inside, their thoughts, beliefs and morals.

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