Womens Rights

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Women's RightsFor many years, women have been unable to participate and have often been discriminated against in many situations and circumstances such as not being able to vote, not getting equal pay for equal work, couldn't own property, and had no educational or career opportunities. Women were under the control of a man throughout their entire life. A man virtually owned his wife as he did his material possessions. Their fathers controlled them until they got married, at which point their husbands controlled them. Women basically had no rights at this time in history. For many years, women in the United States felt they deserved the right to vote, but they were largely ignored.

Voting was considered to be a man's right and was not to be violated. Working conditions for women were very unfair as well. They would work for as long or maybe even longer as men would and get paid less money for it. Another disadvantage is that women were unable to get any educational or career opportunities for themselves. Many of the women's jobs included raising children, prepare food, make clothing, and take care of the things around the house. Their days were really full and often very tiring

The labor work was mainly what the women were in charge of. A women's life was very rough at this time. They fought for equality and didn't receive it until years later. When women started to fight for equality many things began to change. In August of 1920, the Tennessee legislature ratified the 19th amendment, and it became a law.

Women had the vote! Women these days hold jobs that they weren't allowed to or didn't have during the Progressive Era. For example, doctors. In 1890, women constituted about 5 percent of the total doctors in the United States and during the 1980s the proportion was about 17 percent. Also, The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was what granted women the right to be paid the same as men for the same amount and type of work being done. These changes that were made throughout history are still in effect today.

These changes could be considered one of the greatest turning points in history because of the great impact it had on people.

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