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Women in Politics The question of when the number of women in the Congress will reach critical mass. 2012, 154 words, 0 source(s). More Free Term Papers: Women in Society Describing the ongoing battle of women of gaining an equal place in society on all fronts. Women in the Japanese Employment System A paper which shows how women are first to be affected during a recession in Japan. Women In The Labour Force A discussion of the progress of women in the work force. Term Papers on "Women in Politics" However, this does not mean that there is an increase in the mobilization of women's issues. There is a need for a "critical mass" to be achieved before the voices of women shall be heard in elite politics. This "critical mass" theory say that when the number of women reach 30% then they become a real force in politics. Having more women visible in the media is making the idea of becoming a politician more and more feasible to young people. Role models are extremely important.

Presently, women compose of 19% of the House of Commons. Who knows, maybe five years from now, the "critical mass" of 30% shall be achieved. Then, women's voices shall really be heard and the increase in representation will amount to an increase in policy

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