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Years after its formation, Velvet Undeground still shines like gold in the history of rock music. Though it may be thought to be underestimated in the 60s and 70s, the group has been and remains being a highly inspiring musical attempt which, with the presence of Andy Warhol, offered its listeners a monumentally established atmosphere where one could come across extreme themes and figures. Rem, u2, sonic youth, david bowie, joy division, sisters of mercy, bauhaus, nirvana, sex pistols, stooges, pixies, placebo, iggy pop, echo & the bunnymen, spiritualized, brian eno, smiths, morrissey, violent femmes, my bloody valentine, strokes, birthday party, new york dolls, nick cave, jesus & the mary chain, ramones, yo la tengo, cabaret voltaire, patti smith, new order. One can come up with the names of many more bands and artists if he's to trace the incalculable influence of Velvet Underground on the following musical atmosphere. But the band's influence is far more than mere musical influence. Velvet Underground introduces us, a past, the atmosphere of 'an experience' which can hardly be described in other terms. Furthermore, it's not the 'experience' of just a historical era, but something beyond the reach of chronologies. Velvet Underground, offers the listeners and spectators the possibilities of a life beyond what is called 'ordinary' daylife. But, they are strictly honest in their offer. Drugs, Sexual confusions, impossible relationships, remaining pain, all are present in the lyrics, as well as the freedom, glamour and so-called indifference.

It's not a dreamlike world; maybe it's just like any other world; but it's one's decision to chose where to be. From the view of the established 'values' of the societies, Velvet Underground may thought to be showing us that all these 'values' are established by us; we can change them; buy them or sell them and in the unstable ground of what is moral, desire comes to the fore.

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