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Pablo Neruda's Sonnet XLIV "You Must Know That I Do Not Love And That I Love You" clearly illustrates that love has two sides. Neruda uses the text as an example throughout his poem to explain that love has two sides. These two sides are that he loves and that he does not love. This is explained through Neruda's words: You must know that I do not love and that I love you, because everything alive has its two sides; a word is one wing of silence, fire has its cold half. (107)This statement separates Neruda's poem into two parts. Neruda clearly explains that everything has two sides.

One of the examples that Neruda uses is the fire having its cold half. Neruda is saying that the fire is hot but at the same time it can give a cold feeling. The point of this poem is that love has two sides. Neruda explains, in my understanding, the sides of love are that he loves her with his entire heart but does not love her enough to marry or commit to her. "And" is the most valuable word in Neruda's poem

"And" is used to describe the different ways that he loves and does not love. This is more clearly explained in three passages. The first: "You must know that I do not love and that I love you." (107) The word "and" in this line tells the reader that Neruda loves but also does not love. The second: "to start infinity again and never to stop loving you." (108) The "and" in this line tells the reader that Neruda will start infinity again and by doing that he will never stop loving. The third: "That's why I love you when I do not love you, and also why I love you when I do." (108) The "and" in this statement tells the reader that whenever she has done something wrong to make him not love her, he will still love her.

Neruda is trying to tell this woman that he loves her but only to a certain extent. The argument of this poem is that the reader does not understand Neruda's opinion about what love is. So the reader does not understand at what point he does not love this person. Neruda keeps this complex, in my understanding, to allow the reader to determine how this poem reflects his or her life. This poem is a clear explanation of Neruda's background.

The reader understands this through these few lines: I love you, and I do not love you, as if I held keys in my hand: to a future of joy --- a wretched, muddled fate --- (108)This passage shows the reader that Neruda is afraid to commit because he does not know the outcome of what his choice may be. His choice may be good or it may be bad, either way he does not what to take the chance to find out. This poem allows the reader to interpret it his or her own way. By placing this poem into the reader's life, the reader could better understand their own boundaries of love. The reader would also determine Neruda's boundary of love in his or her own understanding.

In my understanding, Neruda loves this person with his whole heart, but does not love this person enough to commit. I parallel to this poem in a certain way. I have a friend who I will do anything for and I love him as well. I do not love this friend enough to start a relationship with though. This poem allows the reader to put his or her own situations into thought.

This will help the reader understand his or her own boundaries of love. Everything has two sides but it is a Person's decision where to divide the situation (like love) to make each side.

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