Twelve Angry Men

This play is about twelve jurors who are to decide the verdict of a 19 year old boy who is accused of killing his father. The jurors go into a room with the foreman to talk about the case and decide on a verdict. The vote has to be unanimous either guilty or not guilty for the case to end. To start the deciding, the jurors decide to take a preliminary vote to see where they stand. After counting the ballots the vote is 11 to 1, guilty. Juror number eight is the one who votes not guilty. The reason that juror eight voted not guilty was because he was not sure that the boy was guilty and he wanted to talk about it.

One of the jurors decided to take a minute for each juror to tell their side of the story and what they personally think about the case. After a lot of main points were made such as there being two of the identical knives, the woman in her apartment saying she saw the murder take place through the window of the El train, and how the old man said that he heard the boy say that he was going to kill his father and then went to his door to see the boy run down the stairs. After all of this has taken place they decide to take another vote. The verdict is still 11 to 1 in the favor of guilty. Juror eight is now going over the time periods of when the woman said she saw the murder. Juror eight is also trying to explain how the man could not have seen the boy run down the stairs because the old man would not have had enough time to get out of bed. After juror eight makes all of his points they take another vote.

This time the vote is now 6 guilty and 6 not guilty. Juror ten is very disgusted at how a lot of the jurors are changing their votes. Some of the jurors now start to get into a fight about how the boy was able to stab his father who was six inches taller than him. Now a new vote is taken and the count now is three guilty to nine not guilty. The jury is again arguing about how the lady could have see the killing. The subject that is brought up is that she wears glasses and she did not have her glasses on when she supposedly said she saw the murder. Now juror four changes his vote to not guilty and juror three is the only one left voting guilty. Juror three sits there for a long time looking at the rest of the jurors and then he finally changes his vote to not guilty. Now the vote is unanimous twelve to none in the favor of not guilty.

Twister essay

The movie that I watched was called Twister. It is a movie that is about The study of tornado's and a story of one of the actors lives called Joe. As a Little girl, Joe's father was killed by an F-5 tornado( This is the largest size Tornado possible). The movie begins with the actual death of Joe's father in 1969. After the tragedy, time is moved on to present day and into the field Where Joe is with a group of scientist's called the Chaser's.

Joe is presently married to a man called Bill. Bill is on the way to the Field to get some divorce papers signed by Joe so that he can marry again to a Woman named Melissa. Joe has put together a tornado studying device called Dorothy. Dorothy is a big canister filled with hundreds of little censors that Fly up into the tornado and measure the size and wind velocities all at the same Time. The only way that the Chaser's can make it work is if they put it in the Damage path of the tornado. Joe is going to surprise Bill with Dorothy because He is the one who actually thought up the design, and at the same time has Purposely not signed one of the papers. Bill finally arrives and asks Joe for the papers. Joe hands Bill the Papers and acts like everything is okay. Bill looks through the papers and finds The paper not signed, and Joe acts as if she never say the paper and begins to Read it.

Bill becomes frustrated and just as She is about to sign one of the Chaser's yells out « there is a tornado about thirty miles away». Joe and her Team suddenly run to their cars and take off toward the area where the tornado Is. Bill is left standing there and realizes that the papers were not signed. Bill gets into his truck with Melissa and proceeds to follow the chasers. He is Following and looks in his mirror and can see a competing group of chasers and Is runoff the road and busts a tire. Bill catches up with the group at a little gas station that happens to Have a tire repair place across the street. Bill is standing in the road and Realizes that the other groups leader is a old partner named Jonas. Jonas had Gone out and found some corporate sponsors and doing so stole Bill's design of Dorothy and has just named it something else. Bill is totally outraged and tries To pick a fight with Jonas. Bill is so mad that he decides to join the chasers And try to make Dorothy fly. After a little while of waiting around with conversation, a tornado Touches down and the chasers jump in their cars and go toward the tornado's Place of touchdown. Bill is driving Joe's truck and they see the tornado in a Field. Bill enters the field in front of the tornado and get s down into a ditch.

Bill finds that he can't get out of the ditch and runs into a bridge with a Tractor on it. The tornado is too close for Bill and Joe to put Dorothy into the Path, so they decide to hide under the bridge for protection. Joe's truck is Picked up by the tornado and is thrown into the street where Melissa nearly Collides with it as she was following in the back of the convoy. Soon later another tornado touches down and once again, the team is Unsuccessful. They decide later to park for the night and they are at a hotel With a drive-in movie theater built next door. Everyone is standing around and Suddenly a very large tornado suddenly comes rushing upon them. The movie Theater and the people in the hotel take cover in a garage pit. The tornado Destroys the drive-in and the garage but everyone is okay.

After the tornado passes over, they find out that is headed toward a Town called Wakita. The tornado has also grown stronger after joining forces With another storm and has become an F-4. Joe's aunt lives in Wakita and she is Very worried for her. Bill tells Melissa to head home and take the truck with Her. Melissa tells Bill that their relationship is over and walks off. Bill then Goes to the truck and heads off towards Wakita with the rest of the crew. When they finally get to the town, the entire place is wiped-out.

They Drive to the house where Joe's aunt lives and finds that the house is barely Standing. They holler for Meg (Joe's aunt) and find that she is in the basement With a bookshelf on the top of her. Bill pulls the book shelf off of her and Safely gets Meg out of the house. They call an ambulance and they tell Joe that Meg has a broken wrist and a bump on the head. One of the chasers comes into the ambulance and tells Joe that the storm Has joined an even bigger storm and an F-5 tornado, the biggest in thirty years Has touched the ground. Joe decides to go for it and the entire team loads up And heads toward the tornado. The rest you are just going to have to see for Yourself!!!

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