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TranscendentalismBack in the 1800's, people trusted in their innersoul. it wascalled transcendentalism. People like Emerson and Thoreau were transcendentalism. They didn't think with their heads. They do things like in their firstimpression. If they sees that a tree is violet, they will paint it violet. During that era, Romanticism was party of it too.

Ideas of Romanticism withtranscendentalism. In our everyday life, we use transcendentalism. We use our head tothink and our hart to feel love and hate, but sometimes you say somethingwithout thinking about it. It came from your inner soul. I paint, and when Ipaint, I don't draw something realistic. When I am in front of my paper, I justdraw and paint with any color, I don't think. Then when I feel it is finished, I look and it can be a yellow sky and a violet ocean

I love it! What Thoreaudid, of isolating himself, I couldn't do it because it is not my character. Sure I could live without television nor exaggerated furniture, but I need tospeak, I need to be with someone, to listen music. I am afraid to be alone. Ihave a part of transcendentalism, I think we all do, even if we don't agree withit. Talking about Emerson, he had puritan influence. He struggle inhis life, and this help him with his writing. Emerson was transcendentalist. Emerson did lot of writing.

One of them was ' Nature '. One of histranscendentalist sentence was, ' I become a transparent eyeball. ' With hisinner soul, he really become it, it was real, what he feels. He wouldn't beable to smell or to talk to anybody, and he didn't needed to listen. With hiseyeball, he was able to see everything, very far.

The word he use, 'transparent,'' I think is that because he was so lonely, he felt transparent. Another writer of that time, was Thoreau. He studied in Harvard. He was going to be a lawyer. Then he read ' Nature, ' from Emerson, and afterthat wanted to live school. he wanted to live his life like in ' Nature.' Hegraduate, but then Thoreau went in the forest without anything, and isolatehimself in a little house in the woods. He wanted a simple life.

Thoreauwanted to find out by himself what transcendentalism. He wanted to simplifylife and instead of eating three meals per day, just one. He too wrote. In hiswriting, sentences reflected transcendentalism. One of it was, '' It lookspoorest when you are richest. '' His ideas were to live your life withnecessary things.

Don't be materialistic. The main idea was simplicity. Hisquotation means for me that you are rich, but poor in the inside. In your innersoul you are poor in the inside. In your inner soul you are poor, becausematerialistic person only thinks in money. The difference between Emerson andThoreau, is that Emerson was getting paid, but Thoreau not. In conclusion, a transcendentalism person, lived his life withoutthinking, and being alone. they trust their first impression.

They go beyond, go above the senses, to rise above. Transcendentalism contains Romanticismideas too. It had political, ethical, aesthetic and religious implications. IThink that it is hard to be a transcendentalist person, just to live around it.

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