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Third Term ProjectBeyond the WavesValue: Thirty points applied to English, Social and Science marks You will research your topic using the internet, McConnell Library, school library, UCCB library. You must show references from at least three of these places. Magazines and old newspapers are good information sources. You will work in pairs on the topic. Each person must contribute to the building of each section.

The research work can be divided up, but then all presentation material must be compiled and completed together. Work on the sections together. Brainstorm together about how you want to do the project. Both people will work on completing a section and then move on to another part together. A working rough draft must be passed in as well. You are to keep a record of what each person does for the project. Some of the work will be done in school but a lot of research must be done on your own outside of the school. You will then bring your research to class to work on in assigned periods

Every presentation must have a visual part - THIS CANNOT BE A POSTER! Some suggestions would be a video clip, a TV hook-up to an interactive internet site, a skit or dramatization, make a magazine, produce a brochure or a newsletter. Check with me on suggestions that you might have. You must present your project to the class. Remember that this is something new to them, and you are teaching it. Values: 5 - creativity 5 - class work time 5 - rough draft 10 - content 5 - presentation All projects must be typed and have a cover page.

Bonus points are available!!!TOPICSOceans: name and locate the four major oceans of the world; draw a map and illustrate where the oceans are; make up a riddle for each of the oceans for the class to try and solve; make a Jeopardy game using facts you discovered about the four oceans; describe the oceans - area, coastlines, countries around them; discuss one "ocean issue" example - oil exploration versus fishing rights Endangered Species of the Ocean World: what is an endangered species; what are some specific things that people do to cause species to become endangered; Chose one ocean animal that is endangered and research it; come up with a slogan for a bumper sticker to protect your animal; create a brochure that gives people tips for saving the animals Ocean Legends and Tales: Read "The Mermaid of Zennor", a Cornish folktale about the sea and decide what parts of the story are real and what parts are make-believe; write another ending for the story; find two sea legends or myths and compare them to The Mermaid of Zennor; how do they differ and how are they the same; make a list of at least 20 different sea legend, tales and myths and classify them; using brown butcher paper from the art room draw a mural that depicts one of your first three storiesDr. Bob Ballard: write a brief biography of Bob Ballard; explain the Woods Hole Oceanography Institute; research the explorations that Dr. Ballard was responsible for: choose any three of his adventures and tell about them by presenting the information in a newspaper format as if they were on the front page of the paper (make your newspaper from newsprint);Bluenose II: Research the history of the Bluenose II; compile a portfolio of poems, ballads and songs that were written about the Bluenose and record these on tape to be played in class; use your research on the Bluenose to publish a brochure for tourists that tells all the informative facts about the BluenoseCoral reefs: explain what the coral reefs are and draw a map to show where in the world they are located; what are the "hot spots" in the coral reef world; summarize the problems of two of these spots; choose three animals from the coral reef habitat and describe them; make a food chain for a coral reef habitat; create a mural of a coral reef and the life there, that shows the brilliance of color found in a coral reef; research one of the famous coral reefs and prepare a flyer to hand out to people interested in visiting themOak Island: draw a map to show where Oak Island is; research and explain the old mystery connected to the island; discuss who is involved there now; find some background on the person who is responsible for creating the mystery of Oak Island and write a brief biography; compile your information and present as the front page of a newspaper (use newsprint) Ocean Layers: research the layers of the ocean and the creatures that live in each level; construct a mural that shows the layers and samples of the animals there; draw a food chain; use a newsletter to show the importance of each layer and how they work together, what happens if one level is disrupted Jacques Cousteau: using the obituary style, write a brief biography of Cousteau; choose three of his explorations and explain them; what was his relationship with National Geographic; Cousteau is famous for his ship the Calypso, pretend that it is for sale and design a brochure to give to interested buyers, the brochure should be colorful and tell the great history of the ship; in a newsletter explain who is carrying on his work and what are they doingLost City of Atlantis: illustrate with maps where the best possible locations for the lost city are; describe the culture of the lost city; explain what may have happened to cause the city to disappear; explain two of the myths associated with the lost city of Atlantis; present your information in a colorful brochure to be used by a travel agency Bermuda Triangle: research the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle; illustrate with a colorful map, the exact location of the area known as the Bermuda Triangle; choose two of the more interesting disappearances and use a newspaper front page format to tell the stories; give two explanations for what happens over the Bermuda Triangle and show these on your front page; illustrate one of the famous planes lost in the Triangle.

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