Theseus Or Hercules?

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Theseus or Hercules? Theseus is most worthy of emulation. He was a great hero in Athens.'Theseus was, of course bravest of the brave as all heroes are, but unlike theother heroes he was as compassionate as he was brave.' (p. 159). Theseus alsowas a man of bravery, intellect and bodily strength. Hercules on the other handwas what all Greece except Athens most admired.

He was very strong but wasn'ttoo smart. Hercules never thought of the consequences that his actions wouldbring about before he followed through with them. First, Theseus was very strong. He fought many terrible horrendousmonsters such as the Minotaur, '.a monster, half bull, half human.' (p.151),and went on many great ventures such as the Quest for the Golden Fleece. Theseusshowed his great strength in adventures such as the one with the Minotaur. Hercules was also involved in many great adventures in which his great strengthwas shown. Hercules was much stronger than Theseus, but Theseus made up forthis small loss in other ways. Second, Theseus was very smart

Because of his great intellect theAthenians, people who valued thought and ideas, chose him and not Hercules astheir hero. Theseus escaped from the Labyrinth and killed the Minotaur. Neitherof these tasks were easy and required someone with aptitude unlike Hercules. Theseus always thought things through and made good decisions. Hercules'foolishness was shown on many occasions such as when he killed his family andhis music teacher. Theseus' intellect is one very valuable quality which makeshim more worthy of emulation. Third, Theseus was very brave. In fact he went on so many greatexcursions that a saying grew up in Athens 'Nothing without Theseus!' (p.

149).When it was time for Theseus to seek his father he would not go by water ' ButTheseus refused to go by water because the voyage was safe and easy.' (p. 149).Theseus insisted to take the way by land. His idea was to become a hero asquickly as possible, and he accomplished his goal by ridding the land of all thebanns to travelers on his way to find his father. Theseus had many otheradventures. He was on the Argo, in the Caledonian hunt, as well as many others. Hercules also had many adventures but his were often the result of his ownstupidity. The 'labors of Hercules', one of his greatest adventures, were all aresult of his own folly in killing his wife and children even though Herasupposedly brought the madness upon him. In conclusion, Theseus is most worthy of emulation. He was strong, braveand most importantly smart.

If Americans had to choose between Theseus andHercules, Theseus would be chosen. Theseus' great intellect makes him a betterperson for Americans to choose. Of course Theseus would only be chosen ifAmericans suddenly became qualified to make such a decision.

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