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Of Mice and MenFor this book I have two themes. Angels, and Dreamers of dreams. Dreamers are those who always know where they want to be, but don't necessarily know how to get there. Angels, well we all know what angels are, but not always who. Angles can be any one. An Angel could simply be a person that looks out for another person. I derived these themes because; Lennie and George had a great dream. To be out on their own. " Living off the fat of the land." To really have a place to call their own.

They were always saying how they are going to live on a ranch, with rabbits to tend, (one of Leonie's favorite things to do) Lennie would always ask George to tell him about their dream home, and how they would hoe the fields, and tend the rabbits. The book painted a picture of Lennie's facial expressions as George told him. It's the type of expression that could make a person cry. You can imagine how much the dream meant to both of them, and how they would succeed at their task, no matter what they had to do. I think the bond between George and Lennie was priceless. George didn't have to take care of Lennie like he did

But no matter the situation, no matter how much trouble Lennie had caused, George was always there for him, like a guardian angel. He took care of him as if Lennie was of his own blood. They meant the world to each other. It was wonderful that their relationship was of two, completely, different types of people. Showing how we all could get along, if we just tried to treat each other as if they were our guardian angels. I cannot imagine all the dreams of the world, but I bet if we all had the heart, and desire of George and Lennie, we would be able to achieve anything. Even if it meant that we would have to sacrifice, such as George so tragically had to, to accomplish our goals, and dreams.

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