The world is Too much With us and The Chimney Sweeper (compare and contrast

Poems are a particular way an author shows to the reader of what he feels and thinks about the actions of the world. In the poems “The World is Too Much With us” and “The Chimney Sweeper” both poets make the reader feel piety and disgust of human Nature. They both tell how society uses too much materialism, and how there is wasteful selfishness and prostitution. This form of writing was common during this time period in the industrial revolution. A lot of people were fed up with the waste and poverty and it seemed the only way to get the point across was with a pen and paper.

The first time a poem is read the reader must go beyond the author’s words and look at the deeper meaning, this shows what the author is trying to prove. In William Blake’s poem, “The Chimney Sweeper”, he goes into a deeper description of the industrial revolution and the effect it had in the people in that time period. When looking closer the reader is able to tell the disguised meaning behind the words written. For example, in line 3 the poem states, “Could scarcely cry weep weep weep weep”. The meaning behind the words of the author proves how young this little boy actually was, and brings pity to the reader. Next the author takes the reader to a sweet dream the boy has and shows the reader of the false hope that carries keeps this boys spirit alive from day to day. This child is so ignorant to what is actually happening in his life he became unable to create a future for himself.

In William Wordsworth’s poem, “The World is Too Much With Us” he shows the elegant way of how the societies system of work isn’t functioning properly. It is a warning to the industrial revolution and the future generations. Wordsworth was trying to point out that society is losing sight of what are important in this world. He tells how materialism and greed have overcome the human mind and spirit. In line 6 Wordsworth gives a magnificent of imagery to the reader, “The winds that will be howling at all hours. “ This is where Wordsworth gives nature human emotion so that it is easier for the reader to relate to what is being said and to help get them back with nature.

Now looking beyond the meaning of the words of the poems they are both similar and different in the rhythm and style. The style rather than the content helps the reader start to feel the author’s personality come through the prose. In Blake’s poem he makes the reader question what he is truly saying. With his smooth rhythm and singsong quality this will form a type of trust from the writer and puts the reader at ease. This style of writing totally contradicts Wordsworth poem. Blake goes around the point of the poem rather than straight to the point like Blake. Making the reader have to pay attention to the poem and understand it rather than the version like Wordsworth where it is an almost a fairy tale.

Throughout history, man has been so inhumane to his fellow man. Poems are a particular way to form a closer communication between the reader and the poet. Every culture has experienced some sort of slavery and oppression. Theses are the times when authors come alive, is through tragedy.

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