The World According To Michael Moore

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The World According to Michael MooreYear 10 Assessment Tasko 'Michael Moore is one of the most popular but also one of the most feared and hated people in America'. Why is this? Michael Moore is seen by the American society as a representative to the people, or as a public disturbance, expressing the views of an 'average American' to the rest of the world, in such mediums as film, text, presentations and interviews. There are many reasons to Michael Moore's popularity and hate, which all come from his productions and beliefs. The way Moore delivers his information to the society comes in many different forms, and strikes up many different views upon his opinion as well. The views that arise in Michael Moore's ideas and plans are taken to a higher scale than the ordinary American citizen and people fear Moore will run in politics one day. Some of his words are controversial, others pure fact and some statements are stretched far out of context. Many of Michael's ideas run through his film, Bowling for Columbine, his multiple press/film conferences and award ceremonies and many interviews with highly ranked people.

Focusing on this film, many issues and themes are present from a single movie length feature. Michael Moore raises such issues as violence, crime and killings, but most importantly, gun laws. Michael Moore presents information and facts to the people, because they need to know. Michael strongly believes in this, as many people can see, how Moore mercilessly uses his tricks and taunts to lure out important pieces of information from his interviewees, and making fools of them. With this point, it is one of the main reasons why Michael Moore is one of the most feared or hated people in America. With many different groups having their own opinions upon this man, Michael believes himself to be informing the people about issues he himself would like to know about

And no matter how this information is drawn out, he is there to present it. Throughout his movie 'Bowling for Columbine', Michael uses a different variety of ways to present his information to the viewers, including dramatic, humorous, shocking, satirical ways to convey his message. Using his own form of power, Moore feels he is able to reach levels other normal people cannot. The level Moore has reached also needs to take into fact that there is competition going against him, and there is a constant need to fight for his beliefs. One of his main reasons to reaching his goal is he is strong willed.

Some people view Moore as arrogant, but the way Michael is pictured in his films, he is definitely determined to seek his goal. Determined as he is,.

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