The Witch Of Blackbied Pond

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond Kit Tyler, the main character of Elizabeth George Spear's book, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, must leave her carefree life in tropical Barbados, and go and live in Connecticut. She learns that playing is what is to life, but hard work. She learns that if people do not know you, that they pre judge you. She also learns that if you don't live up to the Puritan life style, that they will look down at you. Kit must learn to cope, and learn from all these changes in her life.

First of all her grandfather dies, which leaves her as an orphan. She byes a ticket to Connecticut, where the last of her relatives live. When she arrives she is hit with a new way of life. In Barbados, slaves did the work, so Kit never worked before. She comes dressed in a Silk dress, which at that time was unacceptable in Connecticut

When she arrives at her relative's house, she is amazed how small in was compared to the house she lived in on Barbados. Secondly, she goes to church. In Barbados her grandfather never stressed church as being important, so this was a new experience. When they started to sit down, the family separated into two groups, the men would go to the left, while the women sat to the right of the aisles. Then the Priest would talk about that Sunday's lesson.

Then they went home, and had Sunday's dinner. Then her uncle would read out of the Bible. Then they would go to bed. Thirdly, the people never like people that never followed the rules. One day when Kit was working in the field, see was told a story of an old Quaker woman that lived by Blackbird Pond.

A Quaker was people that didn't come to Sunday services like the Puritans stated, and wouldn't follow the Puritans' way of life. They said that this old Quaker was a witch, and had cast spells on the city. Kit didn't believe the stories, and one time after she finished her work, went to visit the old woman. When see arrived, she saw a poor old women in a tiny little house, and then Kit started to help her. When the children of the town got sick, the town people went to get to old women, and make her stand trial for supposedly casting a spell. When Kit heard about this, she rushed over to get her. Kit grabbed her and took her to safety.

Then the town folks believed that Kit was a witch, and took her to trial. There she was found not guilty for supposedly being a witch. So Kit goes back and marries a shipmate and lives in Connecticut for the rest of her life. Live in Connecticut was harsh back then. People following one believe, and keep their community have the same believes.

Kit also learns that live isn't easy, and she takes care of all her problems. And from that, all was well in Kit's live.

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