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Marge Simpson is a happy homemaker and a mother of three. She loves her three kids and her husband very much. Marge will get upset ones in a while at her kids and husband but by the end of the show they all get over it. She also has her own problems ones in a while, she almost left her husband for a charming bowler but she got back with Homer at the end of the show. Through out the years she has gone through being cop to an anti- violence activist.

Bart Simpson is misunderstood 10 year old boy who is a big trouble maker. Bart is not 100% bad he still has some good in him he looks after his sister, and made his teacher and the principal fall in love. He still has his bad side he befouled the church with phony hymns and prank call Moe for the last years. At the age of 10 Bart has managed to live out a number of dreams. He started in his own TV show, spotted a deadly comet that nearly destroyed the town, and almost had the part to be in an radioactive man movie

Lisa Simpson is probably the smartest person in the family, she is only 8, and a fan of Malibu Stacy doll. She being only 8 years old can read at the 14th grade level. She writes application quality essay and one those essay's won her a trip to Washington D. C. her favorite activities are playing the saxophone, attending school, and reading books. Lisa wants every ine to know that she is a vegetarian and she love it if she had a pony.

Maggie Simpson is about a year old and there isn't much to say about her. She ones wandered the town of Springfield all by her self, she shot the richest man in Springfield because he wanted to take her lollipop, and last but least she saved her father from drowning.

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