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It is the end of middle ages and beginning of modern times. It is 16th century Renaissance means Re-birth or newbirth. First birth was teh classical times. Renaissance is the re-birth of the liberal spirit of classical period. Renaissance liberated people's minds from the superstitions and tears of hell that the middle ages inculated in them. It liberatid people from religous repression and gave the secullar values. Renaissance upholds secular values freedom of thinking and movement.

It liberates lot of energy. it is a flowering of teh spirit. Humanism regards man as teh center and measure of values, it upholds and extolls man. It is the opposite of teh religous spirit of middle ages, which held gods to be the center of values adn doing ated man and geld him to be born in sin. Father numanism puts values on reason & individualism it puts value on self-worth. Renaissance Humanism has all these values of humanism, in addition it up implies the revival of teh learning of the classical period, texts from this period were translated into modern european lanuage. Renaissance stood for openness to all possibilities of life, for free exxpression and expeinsion

Renaissance men was the ideal that encouraged one to develop defferent aspects of his life. Renaissance manis a many sided man. Example of teh Renaissance men are leonardo da vinci(1452-1519) he was a painter and an engineer. Walter Ralegh was courtier, poet navigator, colonized. Renaissaince experinced and express of spirit expansion of interest in several direction like exloration and discovery and travel, painting and sculptire, literature. Exploration columbus, francis Drake, art during Renaissance was secuiar during the middle ages art was religious examples Leonardo, Michale Angilo, Raphael hiterature examples of great littrrat Dante Sakespere. Painting press the first prenting press was established in germany; it was of movable type and was invented by John Gulenbery 1400-1468.

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