The Patriotic Canadian

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For over 130 years, Canada still keeps its word. Our Fathers of Canadian Confederation expressed their firm commitment when they signed the British North Amerian Act 139 years ago. 'Peace, Order and Good Government.'; For as long as I can remember, Canada has promoted peace any way possible. The United States, on the other hand, has the saying 'Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.'; They promote peace, but in a violent way. I know Canada has its problems, such as the Quebec 'crisis'. Quebec just has its own provincialisms, which I personally see as a little extreme, but every province wants to be independent, to a certain extent.

I am proud how Canada handled that problem. Let Quebec vote, and see if they will separate. The only thing different that I would have done was have all of Canada vote whether or not Quebec should separate. That might have not made Quebec happy, but we have to think of the country, and the effects that separation would play on us. When I think of Canada, I think about the British ties we still have

When I read Hartzian's theory, and that he said that we both (Canada and the United States) broke ties with Europe, it made me question his theory. We never really broke ties with Britian, we just became more independent. We still use their monarchy in our government, and our military is still based on the 'god save the queen' attitude. I love how Canada works. It has both strong federal and provincial governments (melting pot), whereas the United States has a very strong 'federal' government, and extremely weak individual states. I just want to say, that I love Canada, and that I'm very proud about its history, and its professionalism.

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