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Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool, England where he still lives today and writes all of his books. Brian Jacques is well known for his writing of the Redwall book series. His other professions involved him being longshoreman, a stand-up comedian, a long-distance truck driver, and a playwright. Brian Jacques started writing these books as stories for children with disabilities at a special school in his hometown of Liverpool. The Berkley Publishing Group 1997I would definitely recommend this book for a friend to read! I really liked this books cause it has lots of action in it and when there isn't any action happening, it's just building up to some more action. I also liked this book because you really get to know the characters and everything is very detailed, especially the war scenes. The most important reason I like this book has to be because of all the action. The setting of this story takes place in a field where Tammo, the main character, is fighting imaginary enemies wishing he could join the infamous league of fighting hares known as the Long Patrol.

Tammo is a young hare that has the blood of many fighting hares running you're his veins. Tammo's father is Colonel Cornsburry Tussock and is very strict and he leads his wife to help Tammo run away to join the Long Patrol. Russa Nodrey helps Tammo do this. Russa is a traveling squirrel that knows more about the country than any other beast alive. Damug Warfang is a great rat that had to fight his brother to the death so he could become the firstblade, ruler of the Rapscallion hoard and is giving up their pirate ways and marching them inland. Meanwhile the Long Patrol's leader Major Perigord is the most feared saber fighter there is

Him and the Long Patrol are all skilled fighting beasts that come from Salamandastron, the badger mountain by the sea. The ruler of Salamandastron is Lady Cregga Rose Eyes. She's called Rose Eye's because while she is in battle he eyes are red with blood wrath; some call it a disease because it makes its victim bloodthirsty and do anything to kill their enemy. At the famous Redwall Abbey Arven, Redwall's champion, and the Skipper of Otters are faced with a very serious problem; the south wall surrounding the abbey is collapsing! All of these characters meet up with each other to do battle, with the teams being Damug versus all! After Tammo ran away from Camp Tussock with Russa, they traveled for a long time. When Tammo finally gets to rest he runs into a river to go swimming.

While he is swimming, two big, nasty weasels force him to get out of the water and are about to kill him when Russa comes to the rescue and knocks both of the weasels out with her walking staff. She is about to finish them off but Tammo will not allow her to kill them. Russa warns Tammo that this is a bad idea but does as he wishes and ties them up. Russa and Tammo continue to travel in the direction of Redwall Abbey. While they are sleeping in the forest the two weasels from earlier in the day ambush them but this time they brought friends, lots of friends. The vermin are about to kill Russa and Tammo when all of the sudden the Long Patrol rushes in and kill them all.

Tammo is amazed that the very beasts he idolizes saved him. They soon learn that the Long Patrol are headed to the same place and ask if they would like to join them. Further in the woods the reach the tribe of the painted ones. They capture Tammo and the leader is holding him hostage. The painted ones are shrews that paint themselves black and green and live in the treetops of their forest.

Russa bound up a tree and knocks their leader to the bottom of the forest floor and threatens to kill him if they do not release Tammo. The Painted One immediately release him and the Long Patrol hurries out of the forest. The Long Patrol then encounters another band of vermin and fight with them in a small valley. This is Tammo's first battle and he is very scared but enjoys it thoroughly. At the peaceful Redwall Abbey the Redwallers made a startling discovery, their south wall is sinking! Arven and Skipper decide that the wall must be torn down and a new one made in its place.

All of the creatures are afraid that they will be attacked while the wall is down but Arven tells them that it will be better that once the new wall is up they won't have to worry about enemies destroying it and coming through there themselves. The Redwallers start the long process of the demolition of the wall when the Long Patrol accompanied by Tammo and Russa tell them that the war lord Damug Warfang and over 1,000 soldiers are heading their direction. The Redwallers are all extremely scared. The Long Patrol begins to form a plan to stop Damug from coming to Redwall. Midge Manycoats, the spy who works for the long patrol dresses up as a seer ferret and tells Damug that he see him ruling in a place called Redwall Abbey. Damug believes every word Midge tells him, and follows all of Midge's instructions. Midge instructs Damug to do battle with the pitiful Redwallers at a green valley.

There, Damug will crush them and march to Redwall Abbey and become king. Back at Redwall, Major Perigord has an owl carry a message to Lady Cregga Rose Eyes the badger lord of Salamandastron. Man Redwallers and there allies head to the green valley and prepare to do battle with Damug. When Damug arrives at the valley he sees 300-armed woodlanders ready to do battle. He laughs because they are so few compared to his great army. They do battle for many hours until Damug is starting to get the upper hand and win.

Right when the woodlanders think all is lost Cregga and 500 fighting hares charge into the mayhem. All of the vermin are then slain but at a price. Cregga lost the use of her eyes, while she was crushing the life out of Damug he repeatedly swung at her eyes rendering them useless. Many brave beats died and they were made a large plaque that was placed in the valley. The army returns to Redwall to finish building the south wall.

After that is finished all of the fighters return to their homes except Tammo and Cregga. Cregga remains at Redwall Abbey to become the new badger mother and Tammo finally got to fulfill his dream by joining the Long Patrol.

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