The importance of the bibles many interpretations

Having several different translations of the Bible is very important. Each translation highlights different aspects of the book. Providing familiar language to special groups, some interpretations make it easier to understand. Having one translation of the Bible would not make sense, but, several different versions make the Bible able to be read by almost everyone. If there were not as many translations of this holy book, the spread of Christianity would not be as great as it now is.

Many interpretations make the Bible easier to understand by using the everyday language most people use. The Living Bible takes the confusing phrases that would normally take two or three times to read and sums them up in simple language. Most people don't have enough time as it is. Why waste it trying to understand a few sentences?

The spread of Christianity would not be as great as it is now without the different translations of the Bible. How else, without the help of evangelists, would it's teachings be spread? There should be translations in every language. Everyone should be able to read this great book. Different translations for different people sounds very good.

The Bible has been translated into different languages and forms. Some of which have been made easier to understand. This necessity enables different people to read it. Having different versions of our holy book is a privilege that we should all be grateful for.

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