The God Father

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The Godfather is based on the story of an Italian family's and their rise to power in the land of freedom. The main theme is the honor code, which they live by. This theme might not be as noble as one can think. There are certain societies that live by this code. Honor in them is a matter of pride.

No one can say that he did a thing he was not supposed to do. This concept is apparent in Arab and Italian culture. The concept of people liking each other for their deeds. In the godfather trilogy, Honor is not like that of society, it is based from fear of the person as it is in a mob situation. You give me I give you but if you don't give me I kill you

So logically live by Honor or die. In other words its all about who gets what. Honor is a label that it has been given to glorify it. There is loyalty between the people of the mob because their culture is one that values loyalty ands true friendship. It is a good way to bond to each other, always knowing someone has your back.

This is whats called a collective society as opposed to money driven individualistic society where everyone only care about himself. Family ties are not valued as much as they should be. The concept of honor flourishes in a collective society because they label you as honorful. But when you don't care about what anyone thinks of you, why be honourful. There is no use of being that way to you because no one values you more as a consequence of it. You give but don't get, then you would be stupid to have honor because you will be taken advantage of.

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