The advantages of using the computers in academic life

The computer has become a crucial part of the human life - whether searching for information, doing our office work, teaching children and so on. Unlike most machines, computers do not have a fixed purpose. They are multi-purpose tools. They can be used in a very wide variety of situations and are found in a wide range of systems including security systems, cars and phones. Medical expert systems, for example, can help doctors diagnose an illness and decide on the best treatment. As computer systems are developed, they are becoming more common and are gradually being used for more and more purposes. Nowadays it is started get to use computer in academic life for three major reasons.

The Internet is the most attractive largest information source with special tools for rapidly searching necessary information such as current news, opinions, e-books, contact information and services and it is easy-to-use. At present, the Internet contains approximately 2000 million Web pages meaning that the sheer quantity of available information is not problematic if Information is retrieved by using various searches, for example, Google, Yahoo, Yandex.

Moreover it allows of keeping in-touch with family, friends, teachers, native speakers of practicing language. In addition it is easy access to various information at any time (it does not need to go to the library, as a result you can save more time).

The other benefit of using computer is the variety of software for computation, modeling, simulation, visualization, development, documentation, and deployment. Common applications programs include word processors for creating and editing texts, spreadsheets for calculating mathematical formulae and databases for storing data in a way that allows the data to be sorted and searched. But if it is necessary to do other task you can install special software. For instance, Matlab can help students with projects of all sizes - from simple calculator operations to high-level software development. Matlab can perform symbolic as well as numeric computations. This means that in addition to being a calculator, it can help with algebra, calculus, and the sciences, classes across many disciplines. From simple line graphs to elegant 3D models, Matlab's powerful graphics functions let you control light sources, perspective, animation, and more. Matlab supports over 200 file formats for importing and exporting data. Incorporating the latest numeric and computational geometry algorithms, Matlab can provide statistical results for data sets of almost unlimited size.

There is no doubt that you can install suitable software for solving numerous different types of the tasks (Electronics Workbench for making circuits, AutoCAD for creating 2D models, Solid Works for creating 3D models and many other).

There is a range of sizes and types of computer. One of them is iPod. IPod extends teaching and learning beyond normal classroom hours, allowing students to easily and continuously learn. Many educators are already using iPod in their curricula with Great results. They’re integrating audio and video content including speeches, interviews, artwork, music and photos to bring lessons to life. In all, it is a great way for educators to create, organize and distribute content. All of which add new and exciting dimensions to learning.

As a result the computer can be your own laboratory, where you can decide all tasks from creating mathematic model of real development systems to their testing.

What advantages have computers brought to academic life?

Write a short organized response to the following statement: Computers have become an important part of everyday life. In many areas, they have become invaluable in doing tasks more efficiently and effectively. What advantages have computers brought to academic life? Discuss three advantages of computers in academic life. Support the discussion fully with specific examples, details and personal experience (300-350 words every other line).


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