The 5 Women

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Louie, Jason 3/6/04 Chinese 2 5^0 The five women in the family did not get along well together. They were backstabbing each other and no one trusted each other. They fought about position in the family. The woman with a higher number is the lower ranked wife. Everyone wanted to be the higher ranked wife so that they get the best care from the husband and the servants. They had to live in the same home together, which caused many problems.

They were not able to live peacefully with one another. The scariest woman is the Fourth Wife because she was able to kill two people in two days. First, she killed Yan'er by leaving her out in the cold to freeze to death. Second, she tells the secret about Third Wife's affair. Third Wife gets hanged in the forbidden room with gallows

The reason why Fourth Wife is scary is because she is able to kill people when she gets angry. If you make friends with her and tell her some secrets, she can blackmail you with the information. If you don't comply with her, she can kill you. I feel that the women in the movie are living a hard life because they all have to live together without liking each other. Everyone goes behind each other's backs and betrays each other. If no one tried to compete for position in the family, no one would hate each other.

Everyone would get along fine and no one would have to die. For example, Second Wife had two different sides to her. One day, she would be happy for you. The next day, she will treat you very badly. If she doesn't do this, the family would be in a lot better situation. The Fourth Wife killed Yan'er for her own benefit.

Yan'er was killed because she broke the rules of the home. Although, Fourth Wife didn't want Yan'er to die, she had to make her sit outside in the cold to protect her reputation. Fourth Wife also killed Third Wife. However, it was because she was drunk. When she was drunk, she wasn't able to control herself and put herself together. This was irresponsible of her.

Because of her irresponsibility and selfishness, two people had to die. If I were the Fourth Wife, I would try to find a way to become a better person instead of the selfish and irresponsible person I am. If I were a better person, people in the family would not be having so many problems with each other. Because we all dislike Second Wife, we could try to work together to get rid of Second Wife. The whole family would not be as messed up as it is now.

With a new wife being added to the family, everyone needs to make sure that relationships do not go out of hand in order for the new wife to fulfill her duty in the family. There is so much chaos going on in the family right now that it's going to be hard for the new wife to fit in. The new wife would need to work extra hard in order to be respected and treated well.

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