The 20s And The Great Gatsby

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In my presentation, I will be discussing how the 20s played a major role and affected the story, characters, and ultimately, the outcome of the novel, The Great Gatsby. The first topic I will be discussing are the women of the Great Gatsby. The 20s were a time of change in the views of women. They became more open and outgoing in many things. These included not only womens rights, but also their sexuality. This was the age of the 'flapper'. A flapper was a women who was very outgoing at parties. She smoked, drank, danced, and couldn't hold only one man. Think 'Chicago' for a very good example.

Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones both played flappers. - Now, technically Daisy wouldn't be classified as a so called 'flapper', but she was highly influenced by them. When Gatsby returns, Daisy is still in love with him and, even though she is married, runs away with him, but only for a short period of time. Before the roaring 20s, this would be unthought of, but as the womens rights movements set in, it is not so uncommon of a sight. - Myrtle was also sort of a flapper, though as I said with Daisy, not the best representation in the book. She was also married, and was very poor, yet she was having a long running affair with Tom, Daisy's husband

She was fat, loud, and tried to be as rich as she could, yet everyone saw right though that. Myrtle's ideals played a very important part in The Great Gatsby.-The best representation of a flapper in the book was none other than Jordan Baker. Jordan play golf professionally, which, before this time, was also unthinkable. Not only did she play golf as a pro.. but she also cheated at it.

Jordan was very dishonest.. she was an all out liar at most things. This pushed her away from Nick in the novel, just as her other qualities drew him to her. Now, so far I haven't really discussed how any of this relates to the story in general. Well basically, Daisy and Myrtle both cheated on their husbands, and were closely related in the book to how they handled the problem. Daisy ran away from her husband, Tom, because she not only loved Gatsby, but also because she found him cheating, and Myrtle ran away from her husband because she was cheating, which ultimately decideds the outcome of the novel for Gatsby.

Jordan didn't really play a large role in the story herself, so much as she influenced Daisy.(discuss any other ways they played a part or if the women were wrong in everything they did)My next topic is prohibition. This doesn't really play a large role, but it plays an important one. Gatsby could never be with Daisy as he wanted because she was rich and he was poor. When he left, he let Tom slip in with his wealth and take her. To get her back he would need money, and prohibition opened the perfect door. Prohibition was a time in the 20s where alcohol was illegal. This is where we get the stories of mobsters and speak easys. Even though alcohol was illegal, people still drank, much like many drugs are illegal today, but people still find ways to get them and use them.

This is where Gatsby came in. He became a bootlegger, which was ver prosporous during these times. He made a lot of money, becoming very wealthy. This gave him a chance at getting Daisy back, a small chance, but a chance none-the-less. And that is how prohibition played a major, yet small part in the book.(discuss any other ways prohibition played a part)The final topic I will be discussing for my presentation is the car of the 20s. The car was basically a fairly new invention at this time, it hadn't been around but for about less than 20 years.

It wouldn't seem that cars were very important, but they basically decided the outcome of the enitire story. Gatsby owned a bright yellow car. It was referred to many times in the novel and was probably the overall deciding factor in the novel. Wilson only sawy the car twice. The first time, Tom was driving it, while Gatsby drove Tom's car.

The second time, it was ripping off Myrtle's head as it flew by his gas station, driving the car was Daisy, with Gatsby in the passenger seat. Wilson immediately went to Tom, who confirmed that it was Gatsby's car, but had no idea Daisy had driven it. And this is when the story basically comes to its conclusion, with Wilson shooting Gatsby in the back in his pool, and then shooting himself. If cars hadn't existed yet in the book, Gatsby wouldn't have died, and neither would Myrtle. Gatsby would probably have reached his goal of getting Daisy back.

Of course, a lot of things might not have happened either, so cars basically made the story what it was.(discuss any other ways cars affected the story)(discuss any other ways the culture affected the story).

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