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The Sun Also Rises The novel starts out when Jake Barnes, Frances Coyne, and Robert Cohn are dining together. Jake suggests that he and Cohn go to Strasbourg together, because he knows a girl there who can show them around. Frances kicks him under the table several times before Jake gets her hint. After dinner, Robert follows Cohn to ask why he mentioned the girl. He tells Robert that he can't take any trip that involves seeing any girls. Robert gains a new confidence when he returns from a trip to New York where the critics praised his first novel. Women threw themselves at him, and he also won several hundred dollars playing bridge with his New York connections.

He has also been seized with a desire to go to South America. He feels that he is not living his life to the fullest, and he unsuccessfully tries to persuade Jake to go with him, offering to pay for everything. Jake tells him that only bull-fighters live their lives to the fullest. But Jake just tells him that he can't escape his misery by moving from one place to another. While sitting alone in a cafe later that evening, Jake catches the eye of a pretty girl named Georgette

Jake thinks it would be nice to have dinner with someone, so they take a cab to find a restaurant. Georgette makes a pass at him, and Jake explains that he got a wound in the war that makes it impossible for him to have sex. They agree that the war was a horrible thing, and that it never should have been fought. When they get to the restaurant, some of Jake's friends see him and invite him to a dancing-club with Georgette. Lady Brett Ashley arrives with a group of men that are wearing jerseys. Cohn asks Jake to have a drink, and Brett joins them.

Cohn immediately becomes infatuated with her, and tries unsuccessfully to persuade her to dance with him. But Jake and Brett end up leaving the club together. Once they get into a taxi, Brett tells Jake that she is miserable. Jake kisses her, but she tells him to stop. They love one another, but Brett won't have a romantic relationship because Jake can't have sex. They go to a cafe to drink.

When they get there, they meet some acquaintances, and get introduced to Count Mippipopolous. Jake leaves to return home for the night. Other people make a bigger deal of Jake's wound than he does. He thinks that it never would have bothered him very much if he had never met Brett. He begins to cry before drifting off to sleep.

After four in the morning, Brett wakes him up, making a lot of noise while trying to get past the doorkeeper. The Count is waiting outside in his car. Brett reports that he offered her ten thousand dollars to go to Biarritz with him, but she turned him down. She wants Jake to go out with them, but he says no. He tries to get her to stay by kissing her, but she won't.

They make a date for the next day. Cohn meets Jake at his office to have lunch. He asks about Brett, and Jake says that she is a drunk and she is going to marry Mike Campbell, a Scotsman who will be rich someday. Cohn is annoyed because Jake will not describe Brett in a positive way even though he know that Jake is in love with her. Later on that day, Brett misses their date. Cohn finds Jake again later, and they sit down in a cafe where Frances finds them.

She asks to speak to Jake alone. Cohn has refused to marry her. She is scared that no man will marry her now. Jake tries to remain neutral. She mentions that Cohn has paid her two hundred pounds to go to England, but she had to argue it out of him.

In a fake cheerful manner, she describes the unpleasant visits with her 'friends' in England don't really want her around. The Count and Brett visit Jake. Jake asks why she missed their date. Jake doesn't believe she forgot it out of drunkenness. Brett offers to send the Count away. Jake tells her no, so she sends him for champagne.

Jake asks why they can't live together. She says she will make him unhappy with all of her affairs. She then tells him that she is leaving for San Sebastian because it's better for both of them. Jake walks Brett to her hotel. She doesn't want him to come up to her room, but they do kiss several times before she pushes him away.

Jake receives a note from Cohn reporting that he has gone to the country, and Frances has left for England. Jake's friend Bill Gorton arrives from the US. Him and Jake are going to Pamplona for a party. Bill visits Jake before leaving to see Budapest and Vienna. When he returns, he remembers very little of his four days in Vienna.

While Jake and Bill look for a restaurant, they see Brett get out of a cab. Later, they meet Brett and Mike at a cafe. Mike continually mentions how beautiful Brett is. He wants to return to their hotel early, so Jake and Bill leave so they Mike and Brett can be alone. Brett and Mike want to go with Bill and Jake to Spain. So, Jake gives Brett some information about how to meet up with them in Spain. When Jake and Bill meet up with Cohn in Spain, he is nervous because he does not know if Bill and Jake know about his fling with Brett in San Sebastian. Cohn's know-it-all attitude really bugs Bill and Jake.

It is totally obvious that Cohn still has a thing for Brett, so Jake goes with him to pick her up from the train station, just to irritate him. But, Mike and Brett are not on the train. Jake receives a telegram from Brett and Mike telling him they have stopped in San Sebastian. He doesn't show Cohn because he wants to annoy him. He is blindly jealous of Cohn, but he begins to hate him. Bill and Cohn stay in the cafe until late, but Jake goes to bed...

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