St. Louis University Application Essay

Inspiration comes to people in many different forms. From Beethoven to Newton to Einstein, inspiration is the source of humankind’s genius. Because of it, our society has been able to progress so rapidly. The youth of today, including myself, have always been told to have role models. Throughout history, there are so many people that I can look up to who have taught me some sort of life lesson. But the person who has inspired me the most is not of the typical barnyard standard of politicians, religious figures, scientists, etc. The man, who has inspired me the most, especially throughout my high school years, is Phil Jackson, former head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers. I look up to Phil mainly because of his spirituality, and his demeanor on and off the basketball court.

Phil has always been considered “odd” for his religious beliefs. Brought up in a conservative Protestant home, he considers himself a Zen Christian, which combines both beliefs of Christianity and Zen Buddhism. He has always believed in taking the “middle path”, and living life in the moment, and to not dwell on the past or future. His philosophy greatly helped to alleviate the stress that any high school student endures during the four year ritual of homework, tests, and biting and scratching for every single last point to obtain that ever-so-sweet “A” grade. I learned very quickly that stressing over every single assignment can quickly lead to chest pains. I had to learn how to sometimes just accept certain aspects of life, and to go with the flow. There are certain things in my life that I have no control over. I should not try to change things that which I have no power over. At the end of my sophomore year, I realized that I was not enjoying school like almost every other student seemed to be. I looked at school as drudgery, an endless cycle of torture. Now, I look at high school as the source of hundreds of priceless memories and friendships, many of which I will cherish forever. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to learn such a great deal of information.

As my four years of high school draw to a unforeseen closure, I look back upon my years spent at high school as the greatest time of my life thus far. Even though I know I could have done so much better academically, I now realize that my potential is just waiting to be maximized at college. Like my role model, Phil Jackson, I do not have any regrets about what I have and have not done at school. I look forward to attending college, and I am just trying to enjoy the moment.

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