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The following statements can be applied to any solider on any side of any war within any time period. There, with that said lets talk about this common solider. When I say common, I mean the people who are doing the actual killing, which is what I think the SOLIDER from the original was referring to. If you want a good solider in battle you DO want a machine trained to kill without thought. There is certainly one thing you DO NOT want and that is hesitation to kill when you are called upon. If you are a solider and you have trouble making that distinction you will not be a solider for very long because you probably died in the first battle. Originally riddled with indecision, eventually replaced with bullets because of it. Part of a soldiers training is psychological conditioning, in which you are trained to hate the faceless enemy of your country, race, nation, origin, or religion.

Is that hate justifiable? In most cases no, but it is still VERY necessary for a common solider, because that is what helps the solider through the insanity OF killing without real reason. It is a mental defense for the solider. This hatred for the enemy is also the controlling point of the solider. If someone walks into your house and kills your parents or your spouse for money, it is easy to hate that killer and want nothing more but to kill the person who took the life of your loved one. Conversely, It is much harder to ask a solider to go kill somebody he/she doesn't even really know, for reason he/she doesn't fully understand, in a land he/she has never been to. This is why the mental defense and the controlling point of a common solider are necessary

The soldiers who are doing the killing are not entitled to the exact reason for the destruction. Therefore, the killing is automatically not justified with the solider because he/she doesn't have all the facts to pass judgment one-way or the other. That is where the blanket of hatred and blind following comes in. If you are given an order to go kill the enemy, you do. Not because they are bad people, but because that is simply what you have been ordered and trained to do. The way this thread is going you would think that when a commander of some sort walks down the line and looks at his SOLIDERS he should be saying something more along these lines: "Ok troops, you are going into battle to kill. When you raise your gun, sword, bow, club up to kill always remember that these people we are fighting have families of there own, that they whole heartedly believe in there cause just like we do, that they once had normal lives just like you did and have the ability to love and show compassion just like you do.

So go out there and kill them all!"You can't put peacetime morals into wartime SOLIDERS because no matter what side they are fighting on they are doing terrible deeds to people that usually don't deserve it. You have to go a lot higher up in rank than the common solder, if you want to start pointing fingers at why people are getting killed unjustly. Garbage men pick up your trash, mailmen deliver mail, firemen fight fires, and solders kill. It is as simple as that. When the battle is over and the adrenalin starts to subside, when the whirlwind of action is over, when they are alone in their beds, or away from their comrades off by themselves, will the common solider feel remorse from the detestable act of taking another's life. Rest assured, at some point they most certainly will.

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