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Short StoryIt was about one-thirty in the morning in the town of Homestead Michigan. The almost florescent light of the moon bouncing off the fresh puddles that covered the ground. The grass and trees were covered in a thin layer of water causing every little beam of light to reflect back up. Anyone who may have been outside at this time would have without double, smelled the mix of fresh dirt and night crawlers. As the moonlight started to fade away through the cloud cover, three buses made there way through the streets and parked in front of HHS, the local high school.

As the team started to depart the bus, the numbered shorts and jerseys slowly made there way back to there cars. As Rich opened his door and practically collapsed in his seat he wondered if the game that they had just arrived from was even worth the humiliation that his team suffered by the 110-53 victory by there rival team. Rich slumped the rest of the way into his car buckling up and starting the engine. After a night as bad as this one all he wanted was to get home and finally get to sleep. Rich put his car in drive and slowly made his way to the street in front of the school

As Rich made his way past the barber shop on Vine street he started thinking about when he got home all that he was going to do was to slip into his covers and fall right to sleep and now have to even get up early in the morning. thump thump. Rich snapped his eyes open swerving back onto the road, a long moment of chaos and confusion ran through his head as he slowly brought his car to a stop and got out. He walked to the other side of his car and looked back about 35 ft. was a lump of something on the ground. As Rich moved closer the outline became more apparent as the outline of a human body.

Knock knock knock. "Hello" yelled a man dressed in a black suite on the front porch of a tan house with blue shutters. As the man looked through the door window he could see a woman of about 42 hastily making her way to the front door. As the woman opened the door she replied, "May I help you"? The black man weighing about 200 pounds but still not necessarily overweight responded "Are you Mrs. Lauren Thomas"? "Yes" the woman replied. The man spoke in a sincere voice "I'm Sergeant Michael Rogers with the Wichita County Police Department, do you mind if I come in and speak with you". Mrs.

Thomas looked as if she was speaking the word yes, but it was almost to quite to hear. As the sergeant walked in to the front corridor of the house he was impressed on how the d'ecor of the house was just as if it had been from a stars house themselves. "What brings you here today Mr. Rogers"?, the small petite woman in a said in a shakily voice. "Last night around2:00 there was a hit and run accident on the Bacon Avenue right by the corner of 32nd street." Rogers stopped briefly to collect his thoughts. "There was one homeless person who was with the victim though.

He had written down the license plate number and a description of your sons' vehicle. Where is your son right now?" Lauren, her thoughts being extremely jumbled and scattered in her head muttered "he should be home in a about an hour from work.". The officer asked Lauren if he would have Rich give him a call as soon as he got out of work. He also made it very clear with Riches mother that Rich was not in any immediate trouble for this, they just need to ask him a few questions and that was it. ring-ring.

Ring-ring. "Sergeant Rogers" "Hi this is Rich Thomas, my mother informed me that you called and said that you needed me to call you?", exclaimed a nervous young man on the other line. "Rich, Would you mind coming down to the station so we could talk?" "Not at all sir". Things went surprisingly well for Rich at the Police Office. Because of the witness suddenly confessing about killing the victim and throwing the body in front of the car. Even though Rich did get in some trouble because of the hit and run, his license was temporarily suspended for six months and he had 10 hours of community service.

Although that is better then 5 years for involuntary manslaughter.

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