Shakespeares The Comedy Of Errors

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Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors The Comedy of Errors was Shakespeare's first comedy. It is a light yetdramatic play about a family of twins, their parents, and their twin servants, who have been separated for over twenty years due to a tragic accident at sea. The story, following the usual format of Shakespeare's work occurs and isconcluded all in one day. The twins run into each other the whole day throughand are mistaken for each other more than once. This confusion makes thetragedy all the more hilarious. The action is ended in a dramatic and whirlwindending. All matters are cleared up, although the sanity still remains on thebrink of collapse.

However, the tone of the play is overall cheerful and upbeatand the ending maintains the mood. I particularly enjoyed the confusion that identical twins caused even totheir close family members. The fact that Shakespeare was able to make thedialogue fit in with the scenarios made the action even more comic. The idea ofthe plot, although not completely original is still unique and is still used inmodern work, such as the TV sitcoms like 'Sister, Sister.' Something thatsurprised me in the play was Adriana's character. She was insecure andportrayed the typical damsel in distress. She was completely dependent on herhusband and this fact alone made the play somewhat out of date

Shakespeare issaid to be 'not of an age, but for all times,' but Adriana's character, in myopinion, would not fit in to the modern world. I feel the most important partof the play is the message it conveys and should be used as a moral today. Thewhole play is based on family members who are trying to reunite. The play saysthat even though there are troubling issues in our lives, we must remember ourfamilies, for without them, we are lost. The Comedy of Errors, like all of Shakespeare's plays is well worthwatching. I would recommend however, that you see the play performed, which ishow Shakespeare intended for his plays to be enjoyed.

Seeing the action comealive on stage makes the comedy more real and gives the viewer a trueappreciation of Shakespeare, the play, and of course, the actors. PPPP.

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