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Redwall is an epic tale that begins at Redwall Abbey where Matthias, a young male mouse, is preparing for a great feast. With the help of his friend, Brother Alf (his full name is Mordalfus), he catches a fully-grown grayling. The grayling is then prepared to be the main course of the feast, for many from far and wide, including the Churchmouse family, from Saint Ninians Church. Unfortunately, evil is coming their way...'Cluny the Scourge' a giant rat, many times larger than any other, with only a left eye -- his right eye lost in a battle long past -- carries a pole topped with a ferret's skull, and uses his immense tail as a whip, with a poisoned barb fitted to its tip. This great warlord leads an army of four hundred rats, ferrets, weasels, and stoats, which is rapidly approaching Redwall Abbey un-noticed. Cluny the Scourge was thought to be only an old wive's tale, until young Matthias saw him. As a group of Redwallers were escorting their guests home, a large wagon pulled by a terrorized black horse, burst out of nowhere, noisily passing the Redwallers.

The escort returns immediately to Redwall to report what they have seen. At the mention of Cluny the Scourge, everybody takes the whole incident as a joke, and laughs heartily at Sister Clemence's remark, 'Perhaps Cluny is coming to get us for staying up late.'Once the Abbey's residents do become aware of Cluny's approach, they all puzzle on what to do: The most common conclusion is to abandon the Abbey, and find a new dwelling. But Matthias has other ideas. With the help of some others, he convinces those in the Abbey to make preparations to ward off the horde. Meanwhile, Matthias tries to decode the many ancient inscriptions on walls, behind paintings, and other places throughout the Abbey. These inscriptions are believed to be written by Martin the Warrior himself

Every inscription is written in the form of a puzzle, and when the puzzle is solved, Matthias discovers that he must climb the heights of the Abbey tower, and find the sword of Martin the Warrior there. Unfortunately, a group of violent, and very dangerous sparrows known as the 'Sparra' live up there always guarding the sword of Martin. And so the battle begin.

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