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Racism is caused by many factors, and the effects are mild to serious. The dictionary defines racism as "a belief in superiority of a particular race; prejudice based on this"(oxford 118). I. Racism is caused by many factors. A. The family of an individual can influence a child's view on other races. B.

Television and movies affect the way people view racism. C. Friends and peers influence young people. II. Racism can lead to many things. A. Racism can lead to such things as hate crimes.1. "A hate crime is a crime in which the defendant intentionally selects a victim, or in the case of a property crime, the property that is the object of a crime, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin etc.(Altchiller 17)".2. Sept 15, 1963 a 13 year old boy was killed by two white youths. B. There are many people that have lost their lives true out history because of racism.1

"Jan 30, 1956 a bomb explodes in Montgomery Alabama, home of reverent Martin Luther King (Altchiller 17).2. "March 16. The Jewish Community Center in Nashville, Tennessee, is dynamited (Altchiller 29)."C. Not even famous people safe from racism.1. "April 11, 1956 six "KKK" members assault singer Nat "King" Cole during a performance at Birmingnan, Alabama, municipal auditorium (Altchiller 28)."III. Racism is still a very large part of our society. A. "May 9.

In Rutherfordton North Carolina, two men with Ku Klux Klan ties attack Isaiah Edgerton, his wife, and 2-year-old daughter in their house. The men, both in their twenties are charged with a hate crime. Police suspect that the local chapter of the American Knights of the KKK ordered the shooting (Altchiller 50)."B. "May 20. A cross is burned in front of a Jewish family's home in Huntington Beach, California.

It is the second anti Jewish crime committed against the family; in an earlier incident, someone stamped a swastika on their front lawn (Altchiller 50)."C. There are many organizations that are dedicated to the prevention of racism.

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