Of Mice and Men Essay – Failure to Achieve Dreams/Goals

Many people have dreams in their lives, although in order to follow or meet that dream, one must face reality first. The characters in this novel had dreams that were not real or possible to achieve, but they still strived to accomplish that goal. To achieve one’s dreams or goal it usually means to make sacrifices. In all cases, if a dream is not real, reality cannot face it because of the way reality is. The characters in Mice and Men did not face reality and could not achieve there goals. Many of them had dreams which they either could not meet whether it was because of a mental or physical disability. Usually the dreams were to become a superstar, or own a large farm and start a new life over, but back then, that was usually not possible because of the conditions and the depression. Many characters in Mice and Men did not realize or meet their dreams or goals.

Lennie and George had a dream that was not real and could not be met because of the way things were back then, such as the depression. It was hard for people to receive a job because there was bankruptcy, people were poor, and people did not need workers. They wanted to own a farm in which would allow the two to stay alive and have a new future and have a better life than what they had. They could not meet it because George killed Lennie at the end of the novel and George could not afford to buy the land. When George killed Lennie, he became lonely and lost his dream and his best friend. Back then it was hard to have enough money to buy land, you would usually have to already have money, or already have the land. In this case, Lennie had all the money given to him from his aunt and all he needed was George to help and guide him into the correct direction. George was not as fortunate and had to save every single last dime to help pay for the land.

Curley's wife and Crooks, two cynics, scoff at the dream of Lennie and George as being unrealistic, but Candy sees its possibility and its beauty. Candy heard about Lennie and George’s dream and thought that he could have a new future and life. With Candy’s physical disability, he was not able to have a good future by himself, so he needed something he could start off with. He offered to give his life savings to help make the dream a reality, for he wanted to join George and Lennie on the farm, living out his last days in happiness. Curley’s wife had an unrealistic dream in becoming a movie star. She could not meet the dream because she lived at a farm and did not have the help or needs to progress. Without someone to help her, she would not be able to do it herself. She tried to bring attention upon herself by dressing up in an attractive outfit but all she brought upon herself was Lennie’s heart and at the end she killed by Lennie. The result to her actions caused her, her life, accomplishment towards her dream, and dream.

Lennie had his own dream without the accompaniment. His dream was to have a happy life, to live on a farm, and to own or adopt rabbits and animals on his farm. Lennie’s obsession towards rabbits and animals built his dream and had thoughts of adopting or raising animals on his own. He always talked to the animals, treated them as if they were a human and gave his heart out to animals. Although his dream made him happy, he was unable to achieve his happy goal. Without George’s help, he would not be able to guide himself to the right direction because of his mental disability. Lennie’s dream would not give him a better future nor would he benefit from his dream. The main reason why he was unable to achieve his goal was because he was killed by his own trusted friend.

The characters ended up not reaching their unrealistic goals die to the conditions and to their mental or physical disabilities. Half of the characters that had dreams could not achieve their goals whether it was because of a physical disability or it was because of their race. Candy who was an old man had no hand and was too old to do hard men’s work and his only choice was to live on the boss’s farm. Crooks was an African-American who had a harsh life because all of the farm workers would be cruel to him due to the color of his skin. As a result of the character’s disabilities, all of the characters in Mice of Men did not achieve their goals. The main problems were because of the harsh conditions or a disability that a specific character could not handle. If the conditions back then were much better and the characters did not have any disabilities, they would have had a chance in achieving most of their goals.

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