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What are the key threats to network and PC security today? Whether by malicious intent or accident, people are the main source of trouble, PC security problems can range from serious fraud, data theft or copyright breaches, through to work lost due to the introduction of viruses. A security breach can paralyse a network in a matter of minutes, as several high profile companies have discovered to their cost. The financial cost of putting the damage right can be very high. In addition, the impact on customer confidence can result in a severely damaged business reputation, which takes months or even years to reverse. The cost of clearing up the mess that the indiscriminate hacker leaves behind can run into millions - and for some companies it can have catastrophic financial consequences.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) released the findings of a survey of one thousand people responsible for IT Security in UK business during the recent InfoSec show. The results do not make for encouraging reading. The report was compiled for the DTI by Price water house Coopers and concluded that breaches of security are now costing UK businesses up to a staggering eighteen billion pounds every year. However, the trend is abundantly clear that Security is still regarded by many senior management teams as being insufficiently important for them to take appropriate action. Ensure the security of important information on your network

Financial reports, district personnel records, state and federal compliance forms all of your student records: A Network Analysis will determine the level of security of your network. A Network Analysis will also detect any unauthorized wireless devices illegally using your valuable bandwidth. A Network Analysis will determine the reliability of your network, It will create a map of your network, measure the bandwidth and determine the usage down to the specific computer desktop level. A Network Analysis can identify if there are valuable resources being wasted on your network. Based on the data gathered, a Network Analysis will enable you to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of resources, both financial and technical.

Network Security Analysis addresses the issues of network security by providing an impartial view from an independent source. The analysis not only focuses on external issues but also addresses security within an organisation. A detailed report would highlight areas of concern and make recommendations as to where improvements could be made providing information on both hardware and software available to improve security. Security programs can be installed and upgraded centrally over the network with IT managers choosing the exact level of security they require to suit their organisation's needs by, department, group or individual PC. The security domain is to design, implement, and maintain complete security solutions for enterprise networks.

Security is a strategic concern that must be met by technologies, products, and services that support the IT security policy and the networking and IT infrastructure. Security is clearly not a product on its own that can be patched onto the infrastructure, but an important set of products that must be tightly integrated into the network. Cybergate can provide you with a complete security solution that ranges from the analysis, design, and integration of the security architecture to the delivery of the hardware and software components. We also offer the services required to maintain and adapt your security.

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