Middle East Crisis

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The Middle EastViolence in the Middle East must be stopped for the good of humankind. Fighting in recent days has been hazardous and fatal. There are many things that can be done to prevent this violence. A permanent cease-fire must be in effect, the international community should get involved and land claims must be worked out. These three things are necessary in order to resolve this situation.

A permanent cease-fire would be very important. If a permanent cease-fire was in effect, the death tolls will be dramatically lowered. The first step in the cease-fire process would be to unite both the Israelis and the Palestinians in an international peace conference. This conference would make both countries realize that the violence that is occurring is serious and horrible. The Palestinians must cease their protests. These protests in the recent days have been turned into bloody battles because of the "rock throwers"

The rock throwers cause the Israelis to return fire. In the worst case, this violence could turn into a mass murder. The violence might become so violent, that there would be many unnecessary deaths and a potential genocide, which has happened in other countries such as Yugoslavia with this similar situation. This is not the only thing that has to take place in order for the peace process to proceed. The international community should be involved in the peace process. The United Nations condemns this violence and should intervene before it becomes out of hand.

The UN should send an International force to the Middle East to prevent the violence which is occurring. The United Nations would show hard force towards both sides. They would enforce peace as opposed to violence and make it safer for the local population, which has been affected by the clashes. The main reason that the peace process has been halted is because of the anarchy and violence. If this was halted, there could be a chance that the peace process could take place.

At the heart of the conflict lies the problem of land claims. There are many areas in the Middle East that have been claimed by Israelis. The reason that the Palestinians are angry is that the Israelis took over their land and they want it back. This is the main reason that the violence is taking place. There are also "buffer zones" that are causing conflicts.

They are pieces of land that have been taken by the Israelis because they had strategic locations for military purposes. With updated technology, these strategic locations are no longer necessary and if given back to the countries that they were captured from, peace would be facilitated. The Israelis should give the Palestinians their own territory that they can govern themselves. The main reason for the entire conflict is that the Palestinians have none of their own land. If the Palestinians were given their own territory, the violence could be avoided and peace could be initiated. Through the use of diplomatic processes and the use of force, the violence in the Middle East could be avoided. A permanent cease-fire by both sides must take effect before anything can be done.

A cease-fire may have to be initiated by the use of force by the United Nations. After the cease-fire, the land claims issue can be resolved. This is the underlying conflict. Currently the thoughts of peace seem bleak, but with these things in place, a final peace accord could be drawn.

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