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A LEVEL MEDIA EXTENDED ESSAY There are not many jobs in England that bring about as much media attention as the positions in Football and there is one job in particular that has the media spotlight constantly shining down upon it's owner and that is the England Managers job. It does not help either when you are also a former England player with a creative spark that brought attention to yourself on and off the field. This was the problem of Glen Hoddle who was the darling of English football during the 80's and his legacy continued and brought the job as England manager. Glen Hoddle started off being conveyed very well in the media with nearly all the tabloid and broadsheets portraying him as the future of English football. He was a clean cut young man with the international footballing world at his feet. Unfortunately after a few unconvincing results, lots of controversy over a faith healer and a poor world cup the media soon started to turn on Glen Hoddle.

When you are in the public eye you have to be very careful about what you do and what you say especially when you have the media's knives out to get you. Glen Hoddle, Unfortunately for him is a man that is not afraid to talk about his own beliefs and he is known to have strong views on God and religion. The story breaks that Hoddle has said that disabled people are being punished for sins in past lives. Once the news of this got out there was no holding back. Every form of media broke the story with follow up reports on the reactions of disabled people, famous peoples view points and the odds on the next England manager

There were calls for Glen Hoddle's resignation and everyone had a view point. The paper that I am concentrating on is the mirror and the way that he was portrayed in the paper. The media language that Glen Hoddle conveys in the paper would be very important to the out come of the story and how public opinion would go. The section of the story I am following goes over five papers from the break of the story to the aftermath of the sacking. We will also see the change in the way the story is reported and why the change came about. The way that Glen Hoddle is represented in the papers is very clear.

Before Hoddle was sacked all the pictures that we see of Glen Hoddle shows him with a very worried look on his face. They are not all recent but they have been chosen to fit the situation. They could have been from years ago from when Hoddle was at Swindon and was worried about relegation and money problems. However when the reader sees a picture of Hoddle with a worried expression they automatically think that it is a recent picture and shows how Hoddle is really feeling when really we see what the paper wants us to think about how Hoddle is feeling. There is once instance in the when the mirror get a interview with Hoddle the reporter the conducted the interview Harry Harris we get a photo from a while back taken at a training camp and there is Hoddle and Harry Harris together and they are both smiling. This picture has been included to show that there is a relationship between the two, allegedly.

This is meant to show that Hoddle is speaking frankly to somebody that he knows and is going to be a interview from the heart and that is the way that the paper has been published. The photos all make sure that the eyes of Hoddle are an important factor of the picture. Also in later shots the way his body language and his style of clothes are very similar to a type of television preacher that is going to ask you to donate money to a certain charity. There is a big change in the way that Glen Hoddle is portrayed in the Mirror. The mirror starts off with the opinion that Hoddle is "Arrogant" ( Mirror 1st Feb.) and should go.

The 'voice' of the mirror which makes the papers view point very clear shows how it believes Hoddle is wrong. ( Mirror 1st feb.) However a few days after the bad publicity storeys the mirror got a break. Hoddle left the Rupert Murdock papers namely the Times where the story was taken from and made the mirror the paper to give his exclusive interviews and show the other side of the argument. The mirror then Changes it's attitude slightly and the Headlines have changed from, "Sack Hoddle now for slur on disabled"(Mirror 31st Jan.) to "What I really believe" ( Mirror 2 Feb.). The voice of the mirror now says of how Glen Hoddle is not an evil man he has been miss - understood. We have gone from "Arrogant" to "Honest Hod is worth one last chance" ( Mirror 2nd Feb.) The mirror will use every chance it gets to attack the Murdock papers and this way shown yet again.

We also now start to hear about all the good work that Hoddle is doing for the disabled. When Hoddle is sacked we also then hear about how Hoddle's mother works with disabled people. There is also one good set of pictures and that is where after Hoddle has been sacked and we hear about the comments the Tony Blair is said to have made there is a picture of Blair all smiles and another picture of Hoddle with a very withdrawn expression on his face. The representation of Hoddle could of been less biased there was only one side portrayed for a while when the story first broke did anybody think of looking at it from another point of view? It does change but the reasons behind this don't come from renewed faith in Hoddle. The genre of the Mirror is tabloid.

It is aimed at a social class from B - E it is a paper that is meant to give you scandal or create public opinion. The storeys might not all be true but they are there for interest. Stories on celebrities or events that would not make it into a 'Classy' broadsheet might get a four page spread in a tabloid. A tabloid paper will also have a much larger audience then the broadsheets. The main objective of a broadsheet is to inform a tabloid on the other hand is there to entertain. There way that the tabloids build up people and then knock them down is also another factor of a paper like the mirror.

At one point it would have hailed Hoddle then it is trying to get him sacked. There might even be cartoon characters which like we saw with Graham 'Turnip' Taylor always cause interest. With a tabloid you will also get front and back page coverage of the football items as it is of interest to a large section of the papers target audience however it might be limited to the back pages of a tabloid. The narrative is a part of all media and in the Glen Hoddle section it is no different. There are many narrative theories like Todorov, propp and Bathes and even thought not all of their codes can be into the newspaper stories there are elements that appear in the tabloid stories. With the Hoddle story we had the equilibrium of before Hoddle's word's became public and we still had faith in Hoddle.

We then get the disruption of the outcry for Hoddle's sacking and then when he is sacked we have a new equilibrium. Also we have our characters like heroes and villains but they change roles in this story. There are forms that will usually appear in a tabloid narrative. Reporters are very good at constructing a story. In the big stories they will want to create suspense with a clear beginning and ending with the hero and villain. The headlines that will be used will add extra bite to a story and will take a character name from another form of media like film at the end of the story in the last of the mirrors we have a quote from Hoddle saying, "I will be back". Hoddle has always been portrayed in the paper as the clean cut family man as the photos went to be back up this image. Unfortunately this image was to change when his affair was publicised in the paper and he was seen as no longer the clean cut family man.

He now has the slightly different image of a man who has gone crazy and turned into a religious nut who is trying to convert the nation. There are a lot of references to another footballer who went heavily into religion David Icke and brings about comparisons in the mirror ( 1st Feb). Hoddle is not really taken seriously before the exclusive interview but then he is portrayed with a bit more creditability and he is seen as a man who has intelligence. He has now been stereotyped and the type of picture we get of Hoddle all go towards backing up his new image even cartoons of him as a Buddhist ( Mirror 2nd Feb)The stereotyping has important in creating Hoddle's image and building u...

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