Love at first sight-a wrong approach

Love is a connection between two hearts. Many people think that the first impression seeing other at first sight is love. They cleverly define it as 'Love at first sight'.But I think those relations are just likeness not love.

People often mixup likeness and love. These two are related but obviously diffrent. If you like some one then there may be only one reason behind your like ness. You may even dislike that person for another reason. But when you love someone then be sure You like his each and everything.

So many breakups in relations are due to their inefficiencies to distinguish between likeness and love.

Love is come from likeness i. e. there must be likeness if there is love but there may not be love though there is likeness.

The base of any relation is likeness then the love come. So the value of first impression cannot be neglected. But it should be remembered that to love someone we have to know that person clearly first. Knowing clearly means knowing his/her thoughts, likeness and dislikeness. Knowing his/her weakness also.

Everyone is independent of his thought, I cannot dominate his /her thought but this may be as a suggestion.

So for the youngs this is my request, please try to know properly your partner and be sure that you are liking him/her in all aspect before saying your mind that "You are in Love"

I don't know much about the people of other countries but in India, many young people are frustrated due to broken hearts.

So, this is my appeal to the youth of today that enjoy the love life it will give you energy, inspiration of work, but be patient. http://www. anisoft. co. nr

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