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Ethical Issues The purpose of this paper is to discuss the ethics statement of the business for which I work, and includes examples of ethical behavior. The paper will cover the success and/or failures of the ethical statement purpose, how the statement contributes to the work environment, and the consequences of the failure to observe the ethical guidelines. The company I work for provides a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to its employees worldwide for their guidance in addressing the legal and ethical issues encountered in conducting the company's business. The code starts with a summary of the core business values that are essential to the success of the company. The employees are expected to adopt these values and apply them to their day-to-day business activities. The company feels that the acceptance and adherence to these values will enhance the long-term success of serving the customer base, increasing the competitiveness and the pride of the corporation.

I feel the purpose of the company's ethics statement is to set forth standards that restate compliances with laws and regulations. It also covers common sense rules by which employees should be determined to live and work. The company encourages success of these guidelines by requiring employees to become familiar with the contents of the Code. These successes are made available through web cast presentations for each employee. Individuals who fail in their success of ethical behavior do not feel the need to embrace the guidelines

The expectation is for each employee to exercise sound judgment, conduct, and seek proper counsel in any action that may compromise personal ethical standards and those of the corporation. The statement contributes to the work environment by outlining business values. Employees are to demonstrate honesty in all business transactions and personal dealings with others. They must consistently treat individuals with respect; demonstrate teamwork and the ability to work together. Employees must show innovative approaches to problem solving with a high priority to customer satisfaction.

They must also seek continuous improvement in quality, fairness, and compliance to the ethical statement. This code is applicable to all employees of the corporation. The employees must operate within the bounds of all applicable laws. It is expected that all employees compete fairly and ethically for all business opportunities involving sales or licensing of products. Individuals are expected to know, understand, and honor the terms of contractual agreements. Failure to comply with the guidelines stated will result in disciplinary action.

The following examples ensure continuing attention to matters of ethics and business conduct on the part of the corporation; employees are required to report any conduct that they believe to be an actual or apparent violation of the Code. The managers are to maintain an "open door" policy concerning employee questions including business conduct and ethics. Human Resources will address any suspicion of unethical or illegal activities taking place. Every employee's cooperation is required in assuring that violations of this Code are called to the attention of those who should be informed. Because these standards are very important to corporate values, the only appropriate response to a deviation from them may be termination of employment.

In summary, this paper discussed the ethics statement of the business where I am employed. It also addresses success and/or failures of the ethical statement purpose, how the statement contributes to the work environment, and the consequences of straying from those guidelines.

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