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South Korea is one of the world's fastest growing economic regions, a rapidly growing nation in the heart of South East Asia. The latest worldwide breakthrough of Korean companies into the global market is a phenomenon many scholars try to thoroughly investigate and explain in their studies. The success of high-technology companies like LG and Samsung is caused by many factors the favorable and wise governmental policy towards the development of the business in the country, rising international investment, and top-class human resources deployed in all aspects of the economic life of South Korea. Within a span of two decades, South Korea has succeeded in bringing about socioeconomic transformation of the society; from its architecture to its lifestyle, the Korean character speaks of a comfortable coexistence of its ethnic, cultural as well as religious diversity that continues to be a part of this country's charm and practical reality. Korean vision steers the nation towards becoming a fully developed and industrialized country, a democratic society that is strong in religious and spiritual values, a society that is liberal and tolerant, scientific and progressive, innovative and forward looking.

This goal is reflected in the mission of the Ministry of Education, that is: "To develop a world class quality education system which will realize the full potential of the individual and fulfill the aspiration of the Korean nation." (Adams 17) Education has provided a solid platform for country's political as well as economic stability with a view to establishing South Korea as a regional center for academic excellence and turning education into a top quality export commodity. The Korean education system has equipped its young people with a level of competence and skills which has put them on par with the top students in some of the world's best universities, and at 89%, South Korea's literacy rate is one of the highest in the world. With the closer look it becomes evident that one of the constitutes of the human resource advancement is the successful national plan of education. However, the particular success of high-tech industry is more linked to the secondary education in the areas of composite chemistry, elemental physics, and higher mathematics. The United States of America is also famous for its achievements in the different areas of social and economic life. Just like Korea, the USA is a leader of high-tech development in the world. Does the American secondary mathematics education contribute to the success and growth of the industry also, or is it just the bright minds of employees coming form abroad? This question will be addressed and examined in the paper also

Besides the paper will focus on the advanced comparison of the American and South Korean secondary mathematics education. The research will allow us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each educational system, with conclusive steps of improvement for each system. In order to obtain balanced and objective results, the research will incorporate the educational studies of both the American and South Korean scholars, thus making the results more useful to the target audience. I must note that the purpose of this comparison is not to define the best secondary mathematics education system but to find out the cornerstones of the two systems and point out the opportunities for the improvement of the both. I have heard some sayings that the South Korean education system is the best in the whole world. However I also heard some saying that The United States has the best education system in the whole world.

These statements actually both are incorrect and only confuse the scholars in the attempt to misguide us form the point of matter. My goal with this essay is to get an idea about if and how the South Korean secondary education system differs from the American secondary education system and also try to find out if there are some resembles between the two systems. I will start my essay with a brief background about the education system in both countries, further I will analyze diversities and similarities in these systems basing my reasoning on the evidence and proved research studies.

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