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Poverty has stuck many people across the world. Many people have died because of the lack of food, clothing, and money. Poverty has raised the rate of crime due to the lack of essential items they need for survival. It also has caused hunger across the world. Lastly, poverty has caused much death due to the lack of medicine and unsanitary living conditions. Along with poverty comes the fear of safety.

Not only a fear for the common, middle class, people but also a fear for the children in poverty. This fear is caused because many people without much or no money and/or food will resort to violence to be able to survive everyday life. People also think that many of the kids born into poverty will not live to see the age of 25. Due to poverty many people cannot afford good living space. Most of them end up in living in allies or under bridges

Because of this there is much overcrowding in the major cities. With most of the poverty population living there this makes it easier to spread disease and other things. Poverty produces a very high crime rate. For their survival they have gone to many extremes. Such as attempting to rob banks, supermarkets, etc. It has also forced people to drop to lower levels in humanity by. By stealing and killing for anything they need or want.

Some say that a solution for the problem of lack of safety is that they can increase the amount of patrol around the neighborhood. As for the kids they should build a safe place for them to live and grow up. A solution for the problem about poor living spaces is that the government needs to help people by providing shelters and homes for the poor. The crime rate has been increasing because of the low amount of police in the streets. The cities need to increase the amount of police and have a zero tolerance towards people who steal and kill.

If we increase the number of people that patrol the streets there should be much more safety because they will feel as if they are being watched all the time so they will not attempt anything that could get them into trouble. If the kids get the housing built that means that they will get the proper education and hopefully reduce poverty by getting out of it and getting a job. Also if the people have a shelter they will have lower death rates and people going to jail. This is cause they will have a place to live that has little to no disease. This also gives them a chance to get back on their feet. Lastly, the increase of police along with the zero tolerance law would drop the crime rate because if one person is caught and convicted the will send a message out to the others about what would happen. So they will not do it in the future.

These are only a few things that we could do to help lower poverty, hopefully in the future we will find a solution that will end all poverty.

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