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So my Grandfather then sent for his family. By this time another child was born, Anna. Anna was the first one born inAmerica. She was born in Minnesota and she was only about 4 months old whenthey came to Idaho. So they left Minnesota by train for Idaho. It was Grandma, Dad, Pete, Anna and also Emma Swanson and possibly Anna Daldrin and children. They arrived in Moscow and went to Bear Creek by wagon and they all lived inthat one room log cabin which was close to the stream that ran by and also bigtrees up to the cabin. Very little of the land at that time had been cleared. I don't know how long they lived in that cabin but I don't think it was too longuntil a house was built.

This first house that was built was a little closer tothe creek than the house that we knew. Then later the house that we knew wasbuilt which was a big 2 story house. Of course it never had any electricitywhile we were there. My Grandparents lived on that land until they died. My grandfather first arrived at what we know as Bear Creek in 1888. Orlate 1888 at some time.

The family would have arrived there in late 1889. Emmawas the first one born at Bear Creek and she was born in 1889. A little over ayear later Bill was born in 1891. Hilma was born in 1892. After Hilma therewas another daughter born Ester. I don't know when she was born but she diedwhen she was a year and a half old of scarlet fever.

She is buried in thatcemetery up by Bear Creek. Hjolmer the youngest was born in 1897 December 30,1897.Pete was about 14 when he died of typhoid fever. Pete was very determinedyoung man and wanted to be considered an adult and felt he could work like anyman. He would work even when he wasn't feeling well. This time he worked untilhe couldn't get out of bed.

My Dad and Pete had taken a load of lumber toUniontown about 35 or 40 miles away with a horse and wagon. On the way back ona very warm summer day. They stopped at a spring near what is now Joel to get adrink of water. Evidently the water was contaminated. My Dad did have a mildcase of typhoid fever first but got over it and Pete came down with it. Whenthey finally got a doctor for him it was too late.

Now he worked until hecouldn't even get out of bed. Now when he was seemingly better our Grandmotherthought she was being good to him fed him some solid food that he shouldn't havehad. He got worse and soon after died. Our Grandparents then had a total of 8children. Two of them didn't reach adulthood. Here is somewhat of a rundown oftheir children.

My Dad Lewis P. Dalberg was the oldest in the family. He married Ida C. Thompson in 1907. Loel was born in 1908 and passed away in 1980. Loel was bornat Bear Creek and Loel was 71 years of age when he died.

Virgil was born in1911 and he now lives in Oroville California. After Virgil we had a sisterLoraine and was born about 1913 in Deary. She died in a tragic accident inDeary and died at about the age of 11 months. When she tried to get off a bedand caught her head in a bottom railing, smothered and also broke her neck. This was a very tragic accident and my Mother had a very difficult timeemotionally getting over it. Fortunately our sister Marshland was born about ayear later in 1915 in Deary and now lives in Libby Montana. Rowland was born inJanuary of 1918 and died in 1985.

During world war II Rowland was a fighterpilot. He had 59 missions when he was shot down in, Auckind Germany, and was aprisoner of war in Germany for 7 months. He was pretty badly shot up whichprobably contributed to his early demise. I Donald was born on Christmas day inDeary. That particular day as always we had reunions at my grandparents.

MyMother during that day told my Dad, "you better take me home". So I was bornabout 9:30 or 10:00 that night on Christmas day. My mother, to build my ego alittle bit told me that was the best Christmas present she ever had. Well Ialmost didn't make it past a year and a half old. When I was a year and a halfold my mother took me to a neighbor lady's house.

The two ladies were talkingin the kitchen and I went into the living room and crawled up on the living roomtable. There was a saucer of fly poison there and I tasted it. It tasted goodso I drank it all. Just as I was setting the saucer down my mother came inchecking on me and she immediately knew what I did. She rushed me home andstarted throwing water on my face and everything else to try to keep me awake. Tried everything else to get me to heave it up and I wouldn't.

She sentMarshland to get the doctor it was about a half hour before Dr. Faust arrivedand he worked with me for a long time he pumped my stomach and finally he toldmy mother he said, "I better give him some pretty strong medicine to counter actthe poison". He said, "this medicine is so strong it will probably effect thejoints in my feet and probably stunt my growth some." He didn't dare not giveme the medicine. So I was given the medicine and he stayed with me for about 3hours. Finally after 3 hours I was on the floor again playing and he said, "nowhe will be all right". But it actually did affect my growth some and did effectthe joints in my feet. But anyway I survived fortunately for me.

Alberta wasborn in 1923 in Troy and now lives in Aliment Colorado. My Mother, who recentlycelebrated her 96 birthday lives with her there. One other full term baby wasborn dead in 1924. They named that baby Merle and it is buried up in thatcemetery up in Bear Creek. My Dad when he was 20 years old went up in the hills above Clarkia aboveGrandmother and Grandfather mountain and he squatted on what later became ahomestead. But he couldn't file on it then because it wasn't even set up forhomesteading.

But later on he did file on that homestead. He and a man by thename of Coolberg. They filed on a homestead there. Well when Loel was about 21/2 or 3 months old my Dad actually took my Mother on that homestead. When theywere in Clarkia, waiting to go, they stayed at an inn overnight.

A man look...

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