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Everyday in every part of the world, Criminal activities is increasing in its new face. Though a criminal always suppose of making a perfect crime, such that no one can realize, a hint or way is left behind & with the use of modern techniques an investigator(s) finds out the rest. So, in today's world the improvement & achievement of justice via application of forensic Science with the processes of law is a must thing to have. To know the baseline of an investigation procedure, CSI-'Coming to Rage' was my episode of concern for the FSCI 101 assignment. The Episode mainly focuses on two murder cases. First one is the murder in a construction house while the second one in a yard. A teenager is found dead in a construction house with blood splatters over the walls.

The investigator initially analyses that the death might have been occurred with blunt force & with the help of some heavy constructing instrument. On the other side, Mrs. Mitchell is shot dead on her house yard, during a quarrel between her husband & her ex - boyfriend. The Gun Shot Residue (GSR) test is found to be negative in both of the guys & the case goes to the complications. Thus, two-murder cases drastically different from each other begins. CASE 1:- Victim Brian Haddock is found to be dead for last 12 hours in a house under construction

The first thing that came under the consideration for the investigators was blood, which was splatter all over the 3 sides of wall. The investigator founds a piece of red colored cloth alongside bloody shoes print on the floor. As the murder was done with the help of some kind of heavy constructing instrument, hammer of every worker at the site was examined. Eventually blood was found on the hammer of one of the worker, but his little sister, was linked with the case as a snuffer dog took investigators to a trash cane where they found a sweater (piece found at the crime scene) & a bill. Then they identified the store from where the sweater was brought alongside Ashley, who bought that sweater. Under the custody, Ashley told that Brian tried to rape her & then someone from behind hit him with hammer but didn't see who, as she was scared & ran away from the place. Initially the girl was difficult to be believed as it seemed like she was trying to cover up her brother's crime.

The investigators analyzed dead body of Brian once again. This time they saw that his epidermis & spinal cord was disturbed badly alongside the blood splatter in 3 walls of the room gave the investigator a new conclusion of having more than one attacker. So, they took the skin & hair sample of the Brian & tried to match with the Ashley's but got negative results. Meanwhile Brian's parents were called for investigation which aid to find out various information regarding to his job & school friends. They also told that Brian was having conflict with them & living alone after his mother found Marijuana in his room. Later the investigators found that Brian had good job & was also well paid too. He was last paid on the day of his death, investigators also find out about some of his friends & thus made visit to the school. In school they found a guy named "Benny" with blood on his shoe same shoe print as they found in the crime scene linked him with the crime.

He didn't say much about the event but a hammer and a table full of smashed up Water Melons clearly showed the murder to be pre-planned. Then two of Benny's close friends were also realized as to be suspect alongside Ashley, who lured Brian to the construction site & rest killed him brutally in order to get the money. CASE:-2Victim Mrs. Mitchell is shot dead at her house yard, while trying to separate the quarrel between her husband & her Ex - boyfriend. Neither of men had positive GSR test on their hands or on clothes which made case complicated one. Initially the investigator did her post mortem & took out the bullet from her heart.

It was a 9mm bullet with standard wound size but the thing that was peculiar about the shooting was that the bullet was lodged just 4 inches into Mrs. Mitchell's body. Then the investigator made a laboratory experiment where bullet with varieties in quantity of gunpowder was made & shot in a jelly human muscle like structure. Then the experiment was matched with Mrs. Mitchell case & found out that a bullet with 40% gun powder (bullet that killed Mrs.

Mitchell) can have lodged just 4 inches if it is shot from a distance of 1800ft. Mrs. Mitchell was shot at an angle of 85 degrees, but straight shot from 1800ft was impossible thing to suppose. At the meantime they found that the case was possible if the bullet is shot in a projectile motion. So, they search the place within the 1800ft radius away from the crime scene. During investigation they found a man target practicing in his house.

He shot his 10 bullets but had only 9 holes in target practice board. The investigation shows that after shooting 9th bullet the man turned round because his neighbor was complaining about the noise. It was then he shot a bullet into the air and it traveled 1800 ft in a projectile motion before it lands on Mrs. Mitchell's chest, thus finally the case was solved. Conclusion:-Case 1 was the part where most of the forensic science techniques were being used. The DNA test of blood in hammer & shoe of Benny gave a good clue to the investigator towards the suspect.

Though hair & skin sample test gave negative result but these techniques are good in determining suspects easily. The shoe print was another important aspect for the investigators. Though it was relatively simpler case it had lots of development & suspects which made the viewer keep on guessing until the last scene. Case 2 was much complicated one. There was not more use of Forensic Science techniques rather than the GSR test. On one hand the physics being used to find out the projectile motion of the bullet was summarized within little time period made viewers a bit difficult to find out the things going on.

Whereas the experiment performed in solving the unusual pattern of bullet shot was very interesting one. Though the story was more fictions than being real & lots of event was quickly summarized, it would be a memorable one if anything such dramatic happens in real life. So, it was a pretty good & entertaining episode. Moreover the episode was a useful one in terms of determining & learning how forensic science or forensic science investigators uses various techniques to find out an unknown suspect. It doesn't matters how safely a criminal performs a crime, there is something somewhere left for the investigators.

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