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The outsiders was about a boy name ponyboy. he was 14 years of age. his best friend was named johnny. and he didnt like to get in to any fights. the only reason he did fight because it was expected of him. he had two brothers one of them was named soda pop and the other one was named darry. darry was the oldest one of the three. he dropped out of school and had to find a job so he could take care of his brothers. he had to do this because both of his parents had died in a car accident so he had legal custody of both of them.

Soda pop is the miidle brother he is only sixteen or seventeen. the had a gang called the greasers. the greasers he had a rivary gang that didnt like them called the socials. the greasers was more of a poor gang. the socials were more of a rich gang they had cars. they dressed nice and had girlfriends. one of the girls was named cherry valance. she was bobs girl friend. she didnt like to see bob or any body get into fights. she went to the movies with bob and didnt like it when he had got drunk so she left him and went to talk to pony boy. she didnt like the way dally was talking to her so she got angry and she threw the soda in dally face. this book was a novel written by s. e. hinton this boo k doesnt have much more to say besides what i said.

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