Light Pollution, All About Its Effects!

Written by: Alexaylen

Some people might think its the opposite of heavy pollution! But NO, Light Pollution is man made light that falls outside the area of intended lighting. Some examples are a street light that shines in your yard or your bedroom window and a billboard light that over shines the sign.

Light pollution is the broad, glowing, dome of light we see over metropolitan areas, sports arenas, parking lots, or industrial complexes. It can also be a neighbor's backyard light shining into your bedroom window throughout the night. Basically, light pollution is any unwanted, annoying, or unproductive light spewing into the night environment.

Light energy is wasted on street light, security light, billboard, or building lights. You notice that much of the light is not hitting the area that needs the lighting. Look down a long road in or near the city. Every light source you can see is wasting energy. and you can see the light source, that fixture is not directing that light where it is needed, therefore that light is being wasted.

Light pollution is becoming an increasing problem now because of population growth.

We think that this is not a problem but If you thought about it about cramming thousands of these wasteful lighting practices in urban and suburban areas, and it equals an enormous waste of energy, unnecessary environmental impact, it may improve safety and security, and just looks bad and ugly.

It takes electricity to produce light. Up to 50% of the light produced by street lights do not fall on the intended area and are wasted. The wasted light is spread over a wide area and even above the horizon.

Any light source or sources of light which are grouped that let out bright light, which distresses other humans is the cause of light pollution.

We use fossil fuels and nuclear reactors to produce most of our electricity. Unfortunately these methods of producing energy are not friendly to our environment. Burning coal and oil emits carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds into our air. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas that adds to the global warming problem.

Sulfur compounds dissolve in water that is in the clouds and produce acid rain. Nuclear reactors produce radioactive waste which is difficult and expensive to dispose of safely. Direct light entering your eyes from these inefficient lighting fixtures produces glare. Glare makes it more difficult to see, especially when driving in poor weather. Glare also compromises security by making it difficult to clearly see the secure area.

The electricity used to produce this wasted light is not free. We pay for in our taxes pay for the electricity of our city street lights. Businesses pass the cost of lighting to the price of their goods and services. It may not seem like a large amount, but add it up from the thousands of inefficient outdoor light fixtures, and it amounts to a great deal of money

Light Pollution is also an serious problem for most astronomers today, they just cannot see the stars any more, which is why they are on hills.

To be fully away from the effects of light pollution, you must be approximately 100 miles or more away from any city... in many parts of the country you cannot get this far away without going into the ocean!

And if all this works this also cuts down the effect on the global worming greenhouse effect!

This will cut down on wasting millions of kilowatt hours of electricity and energy which wastes money, and ruins the night sky.

You can do your part by shielding your own outdoor lights and reducing the wattage of the bulbs. You will find that it will be easier to see and it will look more pleasant. You can speak to your representatives and express your concern over wasted energy and ask them to implement efficient outdoor lighting. You can address your local government to develop and adopt outdoor lighting ordinances so that wasteful lighting designs are not used. You can not tolerate street lights that waste energy by shining on your property. You can spread the word to your friend and neighbors so that they are aware of the wastefulness of inefficient and unnecessary outdoor lighting.

One group called OLPAC who are against light pollution has mission is to minimize the negative environmental impact and energy waste due to inefficient outdoor lighting in Ohio. Our principal tool for achieving this is education. By building awareness of light pollution, and about the value and effectiveness of well-designed lighting, we can make a difference. We can save energy, preserve dark skies, eliminate driving hazards, improve the appearance of our neighborhoods, and have save money at the same time.

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