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HomerHomer, a greek poet and one of the first of his time wrote, 'The Odyssey and The Iliad.' There is much not known about this man but the few pieces of information written about him. He is believed to lived between 1100 through 800B. C. seeing how The Iliad revolves around the Trojan War. Many historians believe him to be the first of man to write literature of the western world. The only resources on him are from the ancient times of the Greeks. The Greeks looked at him as the greatest poet, and their first as well. Some people believe their were poets before him but evidence on them were destroyed or never written down.

There are two places said to be the place of his home. One is the island Chios and the other was Smyrna, present day Izmir. All ancient and traditional sources say he was blind and that Homer may have been used as a term for a common blind man. Many scholars believe hiswork is the most evidence about him and what he was like. For instance the way the blind man is described in The Odyssey gives indication of him being blind. As before some believe there never was a homer just bits of information pasted down from bard to bard remaking the story each time

But the majority of the people believe the was a great poet named Homer and an original artist of his time using previous ways of telling a story to his times current wayof expressing a story. It is possible that he rewrote his stories over and over again and never finished a final revision of his work.-nyloo. com.

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