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Korean Economic Development Korean Economic Development  Term Paper ID:27611 Buy This Paper Essay Subject: History, evolution, & current trends in Korean economic development.... 10 Pages / 2250 Words 5 sources, 11 Citations, APA Format 40.00 Paper Abstract: History, evolution, & current trends in Korean economic development.Paper Introduction: INTRODUCTION Each country has its own particular rules on issues of import and export. American trade representatives have been pointing out regions of the world with protective trade policies that limit imports as a way of protecting indigenous business interests, and these officials have worked to try to open markets in countries with such policies. South Korea is an important trading partner for the United States, but it is also a country with rules and regulations concerning imports that prevent foreign firms from competing on an equal footing.

This has reduced foreign investment in the region and has also created tensions with various trading partners. An examination of some of the rules and regulations affecting imports shows why this is so.

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