Izzy saves the Olympics

Hi! I'm Izzy! I want to tell you about a real cool adventure I just went through. I had to keep that mean Professor Weirdo from taking the Olympics away from the world with his new invention the «Super Sucker». Oh, let me get on with the story. Here it goes!

One day, while I was watching the Olympics swimming events on the television, something weird happened. On the screen, a big, floating, tree-shaped vehicle landed right in the middle of the pool. Then, there was a big flash of light, and the T. V. went blank. I had no idea of what just happened! I tried to call my girlfriend, Ziggy, back in the torch, but nobody answered. I was worried. I ran at warp speed to get to the stadium. When I finally got there, there was the ship like I saw on the T. V. I was amazed! Then, slowly a little door opened on the side.

I turned into a swimming flipper so what ever or who ever just opened that door would not be suspicious. All of the sudden, a big man with a weird hair-do came out. I saw those kinds of people before, but not in real life. It was Professor Weirdo! I had read in our local newspaper, The Torch Times that he had dissapered and hasn't been seen in over two years. And he was just a few feet away from me!

He started to talk with one of the many aliens that came out with him. The alien, whom he called Zork, took out a big roll of paper from the back of his head. It was some plans! Professor Weirdo was planning to suck all of the Olympic spirit out of the people of Torch and the people of the whole rest of the world! I couldn't let that happen.

When he wasn't looking, I ran inside his ship. There was a big shinny metel thing in the back. It was the Super Sucker! I had to do something fast so he couldn't use it! There was a lot of stringy wires in the back. I transformed into a hockey stick to try to cut them. I couldn't cut all the wires, but I managed to cut a few.

I got out as fast as I could. Then, I hid behind a water fountain. After about a hour, which seemed like a day, they finally started to leave. The professor and all of his aliens got on board the ship. I heard alot of weird noises and saw funny flashing lights. After a couple of minutes, the ship blasted about a mile up in the sky. Then a huge door opened in the bottom and the Super Sucker came out and started to move around and around. Then I heard Professor Weirdo yell «Now!». A terrible smell filled the air. I knew right off that those wires I cut did some good. The machine backfired on the ship. It blasted off way far off from Earth. Nobody has seen Professor since.

Well, that was a long day. Saving the world can be pretty tiring, if you now what I mean! Well, that's all for now! Got to rest up for tommorrow. The evil professor might just find his way back to Earth! You never know!

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