Is It Wrong To Prevent People From Expressing Wrong Ideas?

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Is it wrong to prevent people from expressing "wrong" ideas? It is not wrong to prevent people from expressing their "wrong" ideas because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Freedom of speech is something that we all are able to exercise freely in the United States. The right to one's own thoughts and their disposition is a fundamental human right. If they choose to share them, they also have the right to control the way in which they may be shared. In this way, intellectual property rights and free expression are inextricably linked. Perhaps the most essential right is that of communication.

Without the freedom to communicate, other rights deteriorate. The right to communicate however is also exercised by providing a forum for those who have been denied a means to speak out on important issues. When told about the acts that occurred in Travers Hall, I was very upset that people would have the decency to deface school property and inflict some kind of hurt towards people. Although some people just look at this incident as nothing, it was clearly something. This is still an issue that needs to be addressed to the college students

The person(s) responsible for this act used it as a way to express themselves against the other ethnic backgrounds that live on campus. Since the first day of school, we have been constantly reminded of the topic of "Diversity". When asked what the word "diversity" means, one can come up with many definitions. Some that come to mind are means different ethnicity, race, nationality or culture. It can also be illustrated as people with different thoughts and ideas, social status or economic/education levels or different religious backgrounds. Now with this in mind, why would people deface property with racial slurs and artwork? These people are absent-minded of the fact that there are many ethnic groups on campus. Everyone should be treated as equals, despite race, religion, sex, etc.

Ignorance should not be tolerated. One way to try to prevent this from happening again would be to inform people of what has happened and the penalties that come with this offense. This should not and will not be tolerated. The people who were affected by all of this are afraid. These people should not have to fear for their lives when living here.

TCNJ will not stand for hate and discrimination against anyone. We need to put a stop to this. One good thing that came out of this was a rally that was on the steps of Green Hall on Thursday night. Everyone gathered together and expressed their opinions of discrimination. All in all, it was a beneficial rally that supported everyone. Some regulation may become necessary if free speech is abused, thus has also presented the view that existing intellectual property laws be applied where necessary to those who violate the rights of others.

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