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Introduction to Human ServicesJeffrey, 'A Human Services Professional is someone who is a facilitatorfor someone who is not able or not yet able to deal with issues in a healthy way. I am taking classes so that I can learn how to best help empower people changetheir situation by believing in themselves. I believe that people have theanswers within themselves, but may need help getting in touch with theirspiritual or intuitive self. As human services providers, we hopefully striveto model healthy behavior, including the fact that we are human, need supportfrom our peers, and can make mistakes.' 'When a client is ready, we educate them to give them an idea of what isdestructive behavior, bring to their attention possible consequences of theiractions, and suggest ideas or alternatives. Usually a client already knows allthis, they just never knew a better way or thought their way of dealing withlife was normal. I work on accepting each person where they are in their life, which takes strength. I may be saying in my mind, 'Can't you see your way outof the prison you're in?', but then I remember that I used to be in the sameplace, and it took years to find my way out.

I still struggle with my addiction, and it still affects me, just not so profoundly.' 'What I would like to do is work with teenagers. As a teenager, I wasbefriended by a Young Life leader. He was a man in his 40's and didn't wantanything from me but to be my friend. When I drank beer at lunch, he didn'ttell me to not drink. I don't remember his words so much as the feeling I gotwhen we were together

He was like a father/friend to me. He seemed to careabout me unconditionally. He looked at me like a real human person, which mademe uncomfortable, which now looking back, was probably because I wasn't used tothat. My own father lived in the same house with me, but he was not emotionallyavailable to me. My own father seemed to think that all women are good for issex and housekeeping.

That scares me when I think of that now. My firsthusband thought of me only as good for sex, baby making, and housekeeping. I amgrateful that I have wised up since then. My passion is to work in the alternative schools as a tutor or mentor, to help give kids some kind of an idea what life can be about. I may not seeresults right away, but I do believe that 'being there' for kids is aninvestment.

They may not realize until years later as I did, that someone had apositive affect on their lives.' 2 One of my coworkers from Vietnam told methat in her country, the prisoners work for their food. I thought to myself, asI am sure many people have before, that we should try that here in this country. I do not think that sitting in prison really helps anybody. I have heard thatthere are work camps where the inmates learn a skill or trade so that when theinmates are released into society, they at least have marketable job skillsworking in their favor. I think community service should be required as an alternative to jailor prison in some cases. Picking up garbage may seem demeaning, but I know of acity employee who makes a good salary picking up garbage around my neighborhood. Maybe if the people who threw the garbage on the ground had to pick it up, theywould care. Taking classes, GED or college, is popular in prison also.

I have afriend who learned computer skills in prison and is now working toward a degreein computer engineering. He is grateful he had the opportunity to take collegeclasses in prison, otherwise he may have never found out how much he enjoysprogramming computers. It seems to help his self esteem, because he seemsgifted in this area and people often ask for his help and advice concerningcomputers. I suppose that providing housing for convicted criminals would not costmore than incarceration. It does not seem that imprisonment is much of adeterrent to crime.

A Settlement House may seem idealistic, but is morefeasible than some may think. Sex offenders are often released into thecommunity. A new program has been implemented in which parole officers andpolice officers regularly visit released offenders. A step in the rightdirection was made when our community invited a psychologist from a sex offendertreatment facility to educate us about this population, rather than ignoring theproblem and hoping it will go away. The psychologist told us that seriousoffenders are psychopathic; they do not know and do not care what is right andwrong, nor do they care who they hurt.

They have no feelings or emotions. Evenso, I do not think that terrorizing or intimidating released sex offenders, as Ihave heard of in some cities, helps anybody. I think many criminals would be better off with the awareness andsupport of the community. It is often difficult for former prison inmates tofind shelter, and a transitional community setting may help resolve manyproblems. I have wondered if support from the community would help someoffenders.

Sometimes people fall into addictions because of something missingin his or her life. If we combine resources of therapy, job training, supervision, and community involvement, maybe we would see some positive changes. It certainly wouldn't hurt to be more open minded. 3 Children in grade schoolused to say I was weird. I eventually realized that my way of thinking isdifferent from that of many people. In high school I would verbally express mythoughts and people would say to me with amazement, 'I have never met a personlike you.' I guess some of my ideas and thoughts were quite creative andabstract.

I like to think of myself as eccentric. Now that I am older, I tellmyself that only narrow minded people would think I am strange. I used to feellike I was born in the wrong century or wrong country. A positive aspect isthat my way of thinking allows me to be sensitive and open minded. I know howit feels to feel out of place.

Not just in a group of people, but in thisdimension we call 'life on planet Earth'. I have become proud of mynonconformity. My way thinking is, 'Why be normal?' What I have learned is to get in touch with my spiritual self. I canfeel a connection with people on this level. Sometimes I feel threatened oruncomfortable with people because of the vibrations I feel from them. I thinkabout how this will affect my career. Will I be afraid of someone for notangible reason? Will I favor some people because of how I respond to thememotionally? Being different sometimes makes people stronger. Sometimes it makespeople suicidal.

I have been to both places. I feel that because of situationsI have been faced with, I can relate to people with a variety of challenges andhelp emotionally support them through tough times. Personally, I feel that Ihave survived by the grace of God. Some people think it is impossible to besaved by God, but they also told me they don't believe in God. This isinteresting to me because I never believed in God until I received therapy foran addiction I am recovering from.

It makes me wonder if God only blessespeople who are begging for healing, as I was. I guess I was ready to accept apower greater than myself. As a human service provider, I hope that I can helppeople in some way, otherwise it is not worth it. I would like to think Ihaven't gone through all this stuff for nothing. When I learned about Maslow's theory in my psychology class, it madesense to me because I have experienced se...

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