Industrial Revolution 4

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Britain was the perfect country to start the Industrial Revolution in because on these three factors. Britain had the natural resources of coal and iron. Coal was used for energy and iron was used for building the new machines. They also had surplus labor, which gave jobs to farmers, because of the Agricultural Revolution, which was led to farmers loosing their jobs. Britain had also had a lot of infrastructure, such as laws and in stable government, which helped with industrialization. Roads, ports and bridges played an important role in developing an industrialized nation.

Some causes and effects of the industrial revolution, which also considered positive and negative effects of the Industrial revolution. Positive effects were the agricultural revolution meant more employment; Empires provided markets in which the price went down. There were also inventions, such as the steam engine; with this invention and more Britains economics were boosted. Negative effects were that natural resources led to urban squalor (when the city spread out and it was all a mess there was no organization). Enclosure act, which made urban population rise, Britain had lots of capital from colonies, in which the quality of goods went down but the quantity rose

Another negative cause and effect of the industrial revolution was that there was dynamo, variety went down there was more uniformity (in the products) and workers and consumers were abused. There were two different types of systems that Britain had. One was the Domestic system. In which, products were made in the home, quantity was lower but quality was higher, people worked at home and made the entire product from beginning to end, this was a good way to do it but took long hours and hard work. The other type of system was the industrialized system, in which the products were made in a factory, assembly lines were used, and workers only made a piece of the product, the quantity of product went up, but the quality went down. The working conditions of the workers were unbearable.

The work areas were overcrowded, unsafe, long hours, low pay, slums created problems and public health was an issue. I would definitely say that this was a negative effect of the Industrial revolution. So in conclusion I think that Britain was the perfect country to start the industrial revolution in because of the 3 factors that it had. It had great natural resources, surplus labor, infrastructure, and lots of bridges, roads, and ports that played an important role in developing an industrialized nation.

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