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In William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, confusion arises to the reader as characters in the play, play other roles of other characters. Why must a character be someone who they are not? Why not be the person you are? The Induction play involves many role changes as the drunk tinker (Sly) passes out and is dressed as a lord.

The lord is dressed as a servant for Sly and a Page boy pretends to be the wife. This makes Sly believe that he is the lord and has a wife and servant by his side when he wakes up. Petruchio marries Katharina as he tries to tame her throughout the play. Petruchio constantly makes Katharina agree with him and what he believes even if its not true.

On the way to Bianca’s wedding, Petruchio threatens to turn back unless Katharina agrees that the moon is shining, and it is not the sun, as it truthfully is. Hortensio, Petruchio’s friend advises Katharina to consent to Petruchio: Hortensio: “Say as he says, or we shall never go.” Katharina replies, “Forward, I pray, since we have come so fare, And be it moon, or sun, or what you please.” As Katharina begins to learn of Petruchios games, she is becoming very smart at obeying Petruchio as she understand how to get what she wants from him. Katharina is never actually tamed by Petruchio. Humor is brought upon the reader as they see how stubborn Petruchio can be towards Katharina. The stupidest thing can become into a big issue to Petruchio as he must get his way before carrying on.

Katharina has no tolerance for Petruchios games or discussions so she automatically agrees with him as she realizes that Petruchio is trying to tame her. The Taming of the Shrew involves confusion and comedy. Throughout the book, it appears that Petruchio believes that he has controlled and tamed Katharina but the reality is that the reader knows that she is agreeing with him so that she will get what she wants. In order to get what you want in life, sometimes you must pretend to be someone your not. Word Count: 357

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